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2011 Sarawak Robotics Result Brings Surprises

You remember how I was disappointed with the Sarawak Robotics competition last year? Well, received a call last two weeks, and guess what? The results are out, and we scored... SECOND & SEVENTH!!! The cherry on the...

May 2012 Bring Peace and Joy

2011 was awesome, despite the bad end. Nonetheless, a new year blooms tonight, and the sun is set to shine for yet another year, yes, despite movies and predictions that the would would end in...

A Way More Awesome #TwtUpKch 2011 Than Expected

I'm not a man with much words, and I am most certainly a person which would want to say something would be awesome, fantastic or epic before it happens. Yes, in other words, I...

14th Rainforest World Music Festival

Unexpectedly, I went to the 14th edition of the Rainforest World Music Festival. As I wanted to diversify the bloggers going to this awesome festival, I decided not to go this year. However, due...

The Proton Saga BLM Design & Facelift 2011

Let's take a break from the HTC HD7, and bring something which made me go "Damn!! Now, that's a stunning little car." Yes ladies and gentleman, the new 2011 face-lift for my car, the Saga...
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