The Proton Saga BLM Design & Facelift 2011


Let’s take a break from the HTC HD7, and bring something which made me go “Damn!! Now, that’s a stunning little car.

Yes ladies and gentleman, the new 2011 face-lift for my car, the Saga BLM face-lift was released by Proton on Paul Tan’s blog today.. and was spanking different.  I’m sure you’d agree when you see the photo below:

Now, if that photo’s do not make you say ‘Damn, that’s a sexy car”.. I don’t know what would.

The fact that the Saga BLM now would also  comes with  new pair of sport rims, an upgraded audio player (now featuring an MP3 player), the availability audio control on the steering wheel, and the additional option of a front passenger air bag makes this car not only a face-lift version, but basically an upgrade. It looks better than the Saga SE, and definitely looks more expensive.

The thing is, I have a huge feeling that these new changes will come at a price.

I got my car (which was the M-Line: The most expensive version for Saga BLM at that moment) at RM43K, and 5 months after that, the same car cost RM45K.  I can imagine these new additions also coming at a price, but isn’t she a beauty… The front looks very sexy!


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