Take the Risk!


Last Friday, Mike invited us over for a game of Risk! at his place. It was a board game with a suggested six players best to play. Well, four of us arrived on time, and four of us played the game.

The objective of the game is basically to conquer the world with proper strategic planning and good luck. The shorter version would require you to finish a goal in order to win. As we started a little late (around 9PM), we decided to go for the shorter version.

Little did we know, the shorter version still lasted us until 12:30AM!

It was indeed an intense game with the boys (it was Mike, Fahriee, Joachim and myself) strategizing to dominate our virtual world. We were warlords in modern times as we traded blows at each other though the use of dices.

Joachim was the ultimate looser at our game as Fahriee, Mike and I decided to wage war against him due to his growing dominance in the North American states. Fahriee and Mike decided to have an unwritten pack to destroy Joachim, while not attacking each other until it was both of them standing, while I dominated parts of Asia with my puny army which grew stronger as I fortified my land with the masses. A little over 11:30PM, Joachim was put out of his misery when his army was wiped out completely from the board leaving Mike, Fahriee and I battling for glory.

I started my mind games with Fahriee asking him to break the treaty he had with Mike, but to no avail as Fahriee choose to move into my area. Regardless, Mike had a turn in hand and started to attack Southern America which I held captive. His attack fell short, and so I replied with vengeance as my troops were sent to Europe to contain Mike.

My move proved disastrous as I left my states in Asia with little defence, and Fahriee came sweeping in. Despite defending hard at my last Asian block, Fahriee eventually claimed the whole Asian continent, hence completing his goal at about 1220AM, which is to dominate Asia and Africa (He held Africa for quite sometime), much to the surprise on both Mike and I who had the stronger armies.

Anyway, we ended the night with a promise to play again someday, but Joachim took the game RiSK! to another level when he scouted for an online version we could play at the comfort of our homes. However, playing online ain’t the same with being with the players in real life where you get to do tonnes of intimidation, trash talk, and yes, the mind games to influence your opponents.

Don’t believe me? Then how about playing against me in a game of RiSK!. I bet you’d be screaming of disbelief at the end of it.


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