Taking My ‘Semenanjung Buddies’ Around (Sia Sitok JoHaRa ERA Kuching)

Last weekend, I signed myself up for a contest.  The ‘bounty’ in line is a good hefty 20 grand, and God knows how I could really use that cash now.  The renovation of my new house is set to explode my budget, and somehow, I’m leaking cash… so when I received a text from Iza asking if I’m interested to win some cash, I said “why not?”

So on 5th February,  I, together with an estimated 80 hopefuls, gathered at Riverside Shopping Mall to get our new buddies from the Peninsular of Malaysia.  We met the live versions of these new buddies, and left with ‘standees’ of them. (Photo above of Johan. Taken from ERA FM Kuching)

These buddies are none other than famous Johan, Ray and Haniff of ERA FM.

Unlike Ray and Haniff whom had been to Kuching last year, Johan was obviously having his first visit, and that showed in his debut Kuching interview at The Club, Riverside Hotel.

Ray and Haniff on the other hand showed they loved the fact they are returning to Kuching, praising Kuching as much as they can, and how they loved Kuching for how it is.  This got me wondering, “How on earth does some people find Kuching not awesome?

Anyway, if you do see me carrying a white polystyrene figure around town, that’s me trying to get myself noticed for the contest while taking my ‘Semenanjung buddies’ around town.  If I’m lucky, some generous newsman would publish it in the papers, and I’d be able to claim additional points and hence making me move closer to winning that RM20,000.

Either way, you could also just say hi to me, and offer to take a photo with my three new buddies in the standee, and myself, and hence helping my quest to have as many photos for the contest.  Appointments are also acceptable. I could just drop by and we could get a photo together. Contest ends 17 February 2012 =)

As the contest goes, “Sia Sitok JoHaRa ERA“.. and I’ll also be ‘Sia-sitok-ing’ with them for the next few days….

I swear, if I win RM20K, I’ll set a date, and open bottle.

Eyh, this blog post does gives me extra points, kan?

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