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Somehow, I remembered an email I received a few years ago regarding questions people from the Peninsular of Malaysia a.k.a Malaya used to ask Sarawakians.  I Googgled up “Sarawak, Living in trees” (obviously, that’s what’s on their minds, right??), and wal-lah.. a list of post from fellow bloggers.  Some were repeated, while others were full of faulty languages (well, most of em, actually).  Clare’s Q&A on Sarawak was one of the few blogs which I though were kind of decent in wording, and other’s were just harsh with the “Fucks”, the “Idiots” and the list goes on.  Another one would be Alvin’s truth on Sarawak.  Its similar, but if you don’t know the facts on Sarawak.. you should give them a read.

Frankly speaking, Kuching is never a match with Johor Bharu.  It can be beaten by Penang, and most recently.. it has been playing ‘catch-up’ with Kota Kinabalu.  Kuching has not changed to the extend someone would say ‘drasticly’, but it has changed here and there.

I’ve been to some major cities in the Peninsular, and I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu.  All these cities have their attraction, but Kuching is still deep within my heart.  I know it’s because I am a Sarawakian, and I know by a fact that its because I reside in Kuching, that I feel this way.  It’s a place I gladly call home, and I am proud of this.

Lets face it… Kuching is Kuching… and I can gladly say that there is no place which can be like it.

I brought a few new colleagues for a tour around Kuching.  They were from Malaya (so we call them).  I over heard them claim.. “Kuching is like Ipoh” or “Kuching is as big as Kota Bharu“, but I kept my mouth silent.  Deep inside, I wanted to say “Kuching is not like Ipoh, and is far bigger than Kota Bharu!“, but I guess I just didn’t want to be known as a ‘show off’.  After all, time will make them realize that their statements are wrong, and that I, just showed them like 1/7 of Kuching, which was just Satok area.

Anyone can claim anything about the greatness of a place.  People can boast about what their city has.  Personally, I love KK Waterfront, and Tanjung Aru in KK, in Sabah.  I love the homeliness of the people in Parit Raja, Batu Pahat.  I am awed with the impressive shopping malls like City Square, JB and Midvalley Megamall in Selangor.  I dream of Kuching having cineplexes like GSC and Travillion in major cities in the peninsular.  I love the historical side of Melaka, and the fact that Penang has some of the best dishes in Asia.  In fact, I’ve heard that beaches in Terengganu are un-rivalled (I’ve not been there, so I can’t say).

So, where does my dear Kuching City stand?  I think Kuching Waterfront could be better off with a shopping mall, or some exclusive hang out like Magenta, , Tom’s, Patio, Starbucks, The Junk etc.  I think beaches in Kuching are murky and a far cry from those available in Miri and KK.  I think theSpring and Boulevard Mall can both fit into MidValley despite both claiming the title as the biggest mall in Kuching.  I think STAR Cineplex and Metrowealth Cineplex are inadequate if compared to Cathay Cineplex in Johor Bharu.  History wise?? Ahhhh.. A few old buildings here and there can’t actually beat the A’Famosa and Co. you know.

So, what does Kuching really offer?  I can say is that I love the calmness of Kuching.  I adore the greenery available here and there. I enjoy the breeze and awesome sunset the Kuching Waterfront can offer me during my evening walks.  I like the fact that traffic jams only happen during rush hour, and even then, last for less than an hour.  I love the fact that you can wear shorts and dress up so casually, that none of your buddies would laugh.. “Ahahaha.. why you wear short and ‘apek’ singlet to the Spring?? ”  I love the fact that foreigners (including 1st time visitors) would get lost in Kuching, and then finally realize that Kuching is BIG!  I love the food and the fact that Kuching has tonnes of it, even though you need to know where to get the best of every food, Like the best Laksa in 3rd Mile, the best Rojak in Open Air Market etc.

So much to say.. but I’ll stop before others accuse me of bragging wayyyyy too much of a city which is not really known to many.  After all, its better for others to judge Kuching personally, then for me to say this and that.  Likewise, some people do still think that Kuching is in KK, or Kuching is in Sabah… or better still.. Kuching is oversea’s (literally, that’s right though)

Anyway, this guy’s attempt to compare Kuching City, with a huge metropolitan, namely KL is just pathetic.  I mean, KL vs KCH?? You can picture the difference.  Why not compare KL with Singapore?? Err.. I know it’s his opinion, but I felt like he was simply putting my home town down.  Bad taste of words.

**All photos show numerous places in Kuching.  Photos are from cdasongraphics.


  1. Ah well, in all fairness he is KL-ian so I think his pride is justified lah. =) Macam orang Sarawak swears upon Sarawak stone, no matter where you are. I’m in Gold Coast, a worldwide tourists destination yet there’s not one day where I dream of Padungan, 3rd Mile and Siang2 Corner food. Or road side burger. So I still say Kuching/Miri/Limbang the best. Though I love living here, I do miss home(food) a lot.

    Gloria’s last blog post..The How to Be Sexy List

    Yep.. it’s his right.. but I still do not agree to compare Kuching and KL. By name and function, KL has won it all… and well, I felt his post was a little insulting, I mean to Kuching la.. 😛

  2. sad to say lotsa people judged kuching by only a day or two visit without realising that they haven’t done with their tour. stay in kuching a little longer, and instead of getting bored like other small town/city, they will come to love Kuching as how we love it 🙂

    Sumuk’s last blog post..Drama Queen Of The Year

    Second your opinion!

  3. There’s no place like home. Like the saying goes, “hujan emas di negeri orang…” Tinggi juak semangat kenegerian u pok.

    To get to know a place, let them do their own walking and touring, like we do too when we go other places. Yeah, people are usually quick to judge. I read sometime this week in the paper, this student from Malaya in an exchange programme, said “I thought Kuching was like a village!” And i thought, jakun betul. Where did u learn that in school? lol. And they all should be aware that Sarawak is as big as Semenanjung, and anybody who always confuses Sabah with Sarawak, or cant tell the difference, deserves nothing less than a slap. *geram*

    Btw, the best roti cheese is at Cili Padi simpang tiga, the best kolok mi is at padungan (forgot the name), the best mi sapi is at simpang tiga (next to chili padi). 🙂

    One other’s last blog post..Zits …

    Hahaha.. you’re not the only one whom has said that to me, I mean about semangat kenegerian 😛 Anyway, I read that article.. and somehow I felt sad to know that even those ‘good students’ from the Peninsular think Kuching/Sarawak is still way back behind cities like Alor Star or Kuantan or Kota Bharu or Perlis *shakes head*

  4. Man, I totally agree with you. We may not be able to compete with other cities, but I love Kuching nontheless. It’s a great place and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else if I’m asked to. Life here is simple. We don’t need so many malls to be happy..although we could use a few more. Haha. Living in Kuching is like living in a big house. Practically everybody is family. You know that, we all do. Find someone on the street and chances are, they know some of your friends. You can’t find that anywhere else. Can people actually brag about NOT knowing people? I dont think so. Haha.

    To me, it doesn’t matter if people laugh at us because we’re “small”. Joke’s on them because they’re the ones missing out on life. After all, the reason a city is born is because we’re all trying to live together as humans in a single community, right? 🙂

    I recall Amber Chia (If I’m not mistaken) or some Sarawakian born model on Pillow Talk (Talk show showed by NTV7 last time) saying she likes Kuching the most because there is no pressure living in Kuching, and things are cheap, plus there is less fashion pressure as everything is simple. And yeah, Kuching is like a huge family. I bump into people I know way to often.. hahahaha.. Sometimes, people whom knows someone in my family/friend chain would come up and say “Hey.. your XXXXXX nephew/cousin/son/friend..” and the list goes on..

  5. Aiks, what do you brag about when you were born in the capital city? It’s sooo.. mixed up? Haha, unlike my parents who can tell me “uhh, penang food is good” or “johor laksa is the best”, I’m like.. “KL also got! KL laksa and penang food!” LOL! There’s no original KL thing (unless you wanna brag about buildings) and when people ask if I’m going back to my hometown for the holidays.. there’s nothing to say. Haha!

    Identity Crisis!!

    usws’s last blog post..Thinking (Too Far) Ahead

    You’ve got a point. If you’re born in KL, nothing seems original as the best is taken from everywhere. Nonetheless, I guess you could brag about technology. Anyway, I guess, its alright to brag once a while, but one must be sensitive to those whom are less privileged. Anyway, the best laksa to me would be Penang laksa and Sarawak laksa.. hehe..

  6. honestly say that if compare KL with Kuching..i don’t think Kuching will lose..Kl really got lots thing Kuching don’t have include traffic jam..

    I’m kind of confused with your statement actually.

  7. man i wished i had u as my tour guide when i was there, my friends and i didnt exactly get lost but walking the kuching waterfront from one end to another was tiring..we though it was a short walk..hahah! i still miss kuching…hehe

    Xander’s last blog post..Bear Necessities Fundraiser

    The Kuching Waterfront is like 3km man!! You’re bound to get tired. They are gonna extend it some more. Anyway, I donno where to bring anyone in Kuching unless you’re into checking out food… other than that, its the Sarawak Cultural Village, and major shopping malls.. and maybe some parks here and there.

  8. I really loved the comment someone said that…
    “Kuching is a big family”

    yeah…lived in KL, Penang, Japan, France and countless of travels, but in the end I came back to Kuching!Dunno why, but I feel at home here and I’m quite sue 80% of all Kuching people who leave, will come back sooner or later.

    I guess what makes Kuching(and Sarawak as a whole) is the people.Yeah, we can’t bother standing up to people who mock us, or brag around of what we have.That makes us well…em..nice!

    I just pray my little, boring Kuching will stay clean, green and stay as much as it can…



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