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Somehow, I remembered an email I received a few years ago regarding questions people from the Peninsular of Malaysia a.k.a Malaya used to ask Sarawakians.  I Googgled up “Sarawak, Living in trees” (obviously, that’s what’s on their minds, right??), and wal-lah.. a list of post from fellow bloggers.  Some were repeated, while others were full of faulty languages (well, most of em, actually).  Clare’s Q&A on Sarawak was one of the few blogs which I though were kind of decent in wording, and other’s were just harsh with the “Fucks”, the “Idiots” and the list goes on.  Another one would be Alvin’s truth on Sarawak.  Its similar, but if you don’t know the facts on Sarawak.. you should give them a read.

Frankly speaking, Kuching is never a match with Johor Bharu.  It can be beaten by Penang, and most recently.. it has been playing ‘catch-up’ with Kota Kinabalu.  Kuching has not changed to the extend someone would say ‘drasticly’, but it has changed here and there.

I’ve been to some major cities in the Peninsular, and I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu.  All these cities have their attraction, but Kuching is still deep within my heart.  I know it’s because I am a Sarawakian, and I know by a fact that its because I reside in Kuching, that I feel this way.  It’s a place I gladly call home, and I am proud of this.

Lets face it… Kuching is Kuching… and I can gladly say that there is no place which can be like it.

I brought a few new colleagues for a tour around Kuching.  They were from Malaya (so we call them).  I over heard them claim.. “Kuching is like Ipoh” or “Kuching is as big as Kota Bharu“, but I kept my mouth silent.  Deep inside, I wanted to say “Kuching is not like Ipoh, and is far bigger than Kota Bharu!“, but I guess I just didn’t want to be known as a ‘show off’.  After all, time will make them realize that their statements are wrong, and that I, just showed them like 1/7 of Kuching, which was just Satok area.

Anyone can claim anything about the greatness of a place.  People can boast about what their city has.  Personally, I love KK Waterfront, and Tanjung Aru in KK, in Sabah.  I love the homeliness of the people in Parit Raja, Batu Pahat.  I am awed with the impressive shopping malls like City Square, JB and Midvalley Megamall in Selangor.  I dream of Kuching having cineplexes like GSC and Travillion in major cities in the peninsular.  I love the historical side of Melaka, and the fact that Penang has some of the best dishes in Asia.  In fact, I’ve heard that beaches in Terengganu are un-rivalled (I’ve not been there, so I can’t say).

So, where does my dear Kuching City stand?  I think Kuching Waterfront could be better off with a shopping mall, or some exclusive hang out like Magenta, , Tom’s, Patio, Starbucks, The Junk etc.  I think beaches in Kuching are murky and a far cry from those available in Miri and KK.  I think theSpring and Boulevard Mall can both fit into MidValley despite both claiming the title as the biggest mall in Kuching.  I think STAR Cineplex and Metrowealth Cineplex are inadequate if compared to Cathay Cineplex in Johor Bharu.  History wise?? Ahhhh.. A few old buildings here and there can’t actually beat the A’Famosa and Co. you know.

So, what does Kuching really offer?  I can say is that I love the calmness of Kuching.  I adore the greenery available here and there. I enjoy the breeze and awesome sunset the Kuching Waterfront can offer me during my evening walks.  I like the fact that traffic jams only happen during rush hour, and even then, last for less than an hour.  I love the fact that you can wear shorts and dress up so casually, that none of your buddies would laugh.. “Ahahaha.. why you wear short and ‘apek’ singlet to the Spring?? ”  I love the fact that foreigners (including 1st time visitors) would get lost in Kuching, and then finally realize that Kuching is BIG!  I love the food and the fact that Kuching has tonnes of it, even though you need to know where to get the best of every food, Like the best Laksa in 3rd Mile, the best Rojak in Open Air Market etc.

So much to say.. but I’ll stop before others accuse me of bragging wayyyyy too much of a city which is not really known to many.  After all, its better for others to judge Kuching personally, then for me to say this and that.  Likewise, some people do still think that Kuching is in KK, or Kuching is in Sabah… or better still.. Kuching is oversea’s (literally, that’s right though)

Anyway, this guy’s attempt to compare Kuching City, with a huge metropolitan, namely KL is just pathetic.  I mean, KL vs KCH?? You can picture the difference.  Why not compare KL with Singapore?? Err.. I know it’s his opinion, but I felt like he was simply putting my home town down.  Bad taste of words.

**All photos show numerous places in Kuching.  Photos are from cdasongraphics.

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