Talking about Malaysia from a land far far away…

With the general elections looming so close, everyone is sitting up and pointing up what’s wrong with Malaysia and the current government. Those for the government would be happy to defend while justifying every action which has been done by the government.

Well, this post is not about who’s right or who’s wrong when it comes to the government. It’s more about those outside of this country who are also ‘concerned Malaysians’.

You see, I’ve noticed that some Malaysians who are overseas are very concerned about the country. They hardly come back, and yet they are as vocal or even louder than those who are actually in Malaysia. In most cases, these people are actually students sponsored by the Malaysian government, yes.. the MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT is paying for them to pursue their studies.

Instead of saying thank you, they however voice out their discontent about how Malaysia is such a horrible place, and how the government is corrupted, bad and not as good as where they are at the moment. They continue to show their concern of the nation while staying glued in-front of their computer screens, sipping coffee, while staying in a land far far away from Malaysia, and probably hoping never to return to Malaysia if it was possible.

Issues like Lynas, Bersih, Reformasi, Ubah, 1Malaysia, Freedom of speech, MPO and many more get their attention, as they update their status on social media sites about how the government is not good and doing so much bad. The facts are obtained from third sources such as blogs (yes, like this one), word of mouth, or ‘you know…. i heard this bla bla”.. or in other words: unreliable sources.

Now here’s the problem. While it’s good for them to be concern (or overly concerned) about Malaysia, I wonder why they are not willing to return to Malaysia to help solve the problems hands on here in Malaysia. On top of that, I believe it is very ungrateful of one to be paid to study, but end up bashing and condemning the same person whom is paying for their studies. Thirdly, no government is perfect, and I think there is no guarantee that a new government would actually address what you are condemning because it is indeed easy to make promises and point out mistakes, but actually doing something is a whole different story.

Therefore, for those overseas and being very concern about Malaysia, why not come back and do something about what you are concerned about. Don’t just sit behind your computer and rant out what’s bad about Malaysia, but yet fail to actually take action when you are most needed. Doing so only makes you look bad, and Malaysia look bad. You are actually not helping.

For example, if you are unhappy with the Lynas, you could help by coming back to Malaysia and actually do your part in creating awareness to those unaware of it. Bitching about it on social networks isn’t actually helping. If it did show something, it’s how immature you are. Malaysia really needs less of people like you, but more of those giving ‘constructive criticism’.

I know, sitting in front of the computer making abusive comments towards those concern is for you an action, but it’s really nothing close to actually coming back and helping the cause to repair/improve the situation.

Last but not least, the government can’t do anything if all its own people do is complaint, but then fail to show up when most needed to help improve the situation. Hey, the government can’t do EVERYTHING.

Therefore, if you still say “Hey, I can’t do anything because I’m nobody”… then remember, YOU ARE A VOTER!! If you can’t vote because you are under 21, please shut up because the government is really not in your hands and the best way you can help the country is by promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination, and not by saying it’s the worst place you have ever lived. Cheers!

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