Tea With CM: Unity and Disunity

Yesterday I had the opportunity to literally have tea with Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud.  If you are not a fan of his, or you are one of those whom has already made your mind out of him that you’d want to be uncivillized, screw you!

For me, he is still the CM of Sarawak, and when it comes to unity, he has done quite a lot for Sarawak, which was something another nine of us whom was seated at my table agreed on.

The session was a closed door session, and so I can’t release what was discussed between the Chief Minister and the participants of the forum.  What I can reveal is that some of the questions did not entirely involve unity, which for me was a little bit disappointing considering there could have been so much being asked to a man whom most Sarawakians seem to regard as ‘Bapa perpaduan‘ (Father of unity), or sort of lah.

At my table there was some non-Sarawakians, and topics about unity, brain drain and so on came in. My table consist of several professionals, with some UK educated professionals, which made the conversation even more interesting as they shared their experiences being abroad and why racial polarization was getting worst due to government policy.

Well, I’d love to talk more on the whole thing but like I said, it was a closed door session.  However, what struck me was when one person in my group told us how he initially wanted to go back to Semenanjung, only to be warned by his friends from both side of the divide in the words below:

Dude, you should stay in Sarawak because when you go back, you’d be known as a Chinese.

Says a lot about Sarawak, doesn’t it?

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