Ten Ten Ten at Grand Margherita’s


Part of what we had for the dinner

10.10.2010 is the date you would want to dine at Grand Margherita Hotel because they are planning to have this one in a 100 years promotion which they call 10.10.10. The specialty: ‘Recipes that had won various Out Of Culinary Box Competitions’, all served in an exclusive fine dining style. This promotion will be serve in 2 menu selections, one consisting of Essence of Seafood with wine (or mocktails or sparkling juice), while the other set will feature their Freshly Flown-in Tenderloin of Beef with Portobello Mushroom & Grape Reduction as a main course.

The Char Broiled T-Bone which comes with a variety of sauces

I think this is the Char Broiled Sirlion Steak

So, anyway…. I was invited to taste some of the food Grand Margherita would be offering this October, in conjunction with Octofest, and while I was given a two page press release filled with name of foods, which I myself can’t even say out loud, I’ll just tell you the highlights instead because that is what you should order .

The Char Broiled Elephant Rib

First up is the ‘The Char Broiled Elephant Rib’, which is one of the many delightful air-flown steaks available in Grand Margherita’s ‘Steak Your Claim’ promotion. The portion served is enormous enough that you can do away with all the other meals, and just focus you attention on this particular serving.

The Char Broiled Elephant Rib when already sliced

While most people would admit that cooking any type of meat in a large piece is a challenge, and that you will get the outer side of the meat burned while trying to cook the inner side, this didn’t happen for this particular Char Broiled Elephant Rib, which was said to be freshly flown in after being aged for at least 60 days. The meat was juicy and tender, and seriously very pleasant on my taste buds. I’d highly recommend this dish! To top that up, you get a variety choice of sauce and the pleasure of stalking the chefs preparing this delightful meal in front of your eyes at the Orchid Coffee House.

And since you are reading this blog, whisper the words ‘OCTPROMO10, and get 10% off this meal (The Steak Your Claim)! It pays reading my blog 😛

The ‘out of this world’ Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss ‘Cantonese’ Style

Second dish I’d really recommend comes from the “Xao Luck” Fest or in English, Chinese Barbeque Fest. As the name ‘Berbeque Fest’ suggest, you have a good line-up in the menu, but like I said above, I’ll stick to the best of the best… and that’s why I’d really *while trying to persuade you in every way possible* recommend that you order the ‘Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss ‘Cantonese’ Style’. I can’t describe how this particular dish taste, but if you were tagging along with me while dining at Meisan Restaurant, and I so happened to order this meal, you should really consider ordering your own because I ain’t gonna share!! Seriously, I am not joking. I want to have all for myself. It’s THAT GOOD!! The bread itself taste fresh and crispy, while the meat seems smooth and tender making it the dish of the day! I also told Eileen, who was our host of the night that I would choose the ‘Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss ‘Cantonese’ Style’ anytime over a double cheese burger, or a Big Mac.

There were a few more fantastic dishes which I tasted that night, which includes the Oven Baked Honey Graze Chicken Roll, the Roasted Chicken Fillet Top with Tuna Mantau and a couple more dishes but my poor memory just can’t get the names with the photos correct. So, I decided to just show all of you the photos below:

I think this was the Combination of Honey Glazed Chicken Charcoal & Roasted Duck. Very nice…

I have no idea what this is called, but its made out of cabbage. Fantastic for munching.

One last thing…

If you do decide to check out and taste the meals/dishes I suggested earlier, do whisper ‘OCTPROMO10‘ to the cashier because only then can the cashier give you an extra 10% discount over all your dining expenses for the “Xao Luck” Fest you just had. (Similar promotion as the Steak your claim promo.)

Remember, its ‘OCTPROMO10’, not Paul the Octupus.


  1. Man… the char broiled elephant ribs looks very succulent. So if i just whisper the code, they’ll give me 10%? just like that? sure they wont look at me funny? tried that before and went thru a series of questioning *phobia*. Ur pictures really r good dude. Btw, do they serve red wine with those, or just ribena?

    Happy 10.10.10

    • Yes.. I was told by the person in charge that they will make it known to the restaurants about the discount, so a whisper should be enough to get the discount. Yes, the dinner/promo comes with wine… but I bet you can get Ribena if you asked.

      And thanks for for the complement on the photos. I was using a new camera (which Digi gave me). I did feel the photos were not as good as my Canon though.

      Happy 10-10-10 too!!

  2. the food seriously looks delicious.. yum yum..! and hahahhaha.. you cannot compare Big Mac with the real deal la bro..Big Mac is so out of its league..

    Anyway, 101010 IS a good date.. am bringing my hubby for a dinner at Crowne Plaza hotel here in KL for his birthday. yerp! my man celebrates birthday on the special day 🙂 🙂

    • It not only looks delicious. It is!!

      Hehehe.. Big Mac is my fav burger in McD, so do that comparison la.. hahah..

      Wow.. untungnya, so make sure this 10.10.10 is special coz it only happens once in 100 years, and I dont think any of us will live until the next 10.10.10 🙁

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