Thalgo Terre & Mer: Fantastique

To be honest, I wasn’t that keen to come for this launch.  Ask the guys.. It is a guy thing.  I mean, beauty and men do not mix, unless when it comes to looking at beauty.  You get what I mean.

But, I went anyway because I felt i could learn something new.  After all, I didn’t know what THALGO was, and I was kind of itching to know something about beauty, other than beautiful girls, beautiful legs, beautiful cars, beautiful sunset.. ahhh.. you get my drift.  After all, it’s an event which should be covered by Sarawak Bloggers, so why not?

And I’m glad that I actually did go because I learned a few good things.

One was…

THALGO is FRENCH. Yeah, a true blue French girl was there to demonstrate and talk about the new product, and that got me remembering my good old ‘French speaking days‘, which is when I declared in front of my buddies and my French speaking lecturer that “J’aime manger du pain, et du pain seulement” which literally means I love eating bread, and bread alone.  Well, this beautiful French girl called Nawael Merechal not only proved the myth that French girls are super beautiful, but also that THALGO is an awesome product, which has the environment in mind.

Nawael Merechal was so infused in informing us that everything about THALGO’s product was eco-friendly, that I can’t think of any other product in the market which is as eco-friendly as THALGO.  Even the ink used in printing the labels are plant based, and this Terre & Mer product is certified Organic by ECOCERT and comply with the COSMEBIO.

Second lesson…

THALGO does MORE than facial. This is the part where I think I seriously wanted to chase the THALGO model away, and lay my tired body as a replacement.  I’ve been so stressed by work lately, I think a good facial with a THALGO specialist would be just the thing I need.  You see, during the demo, THALGO doesn’t only do facial, but they actually do some massages to make you all relaxed for their sessions.  Facial + massage…. what more can u ask for? You add that with FREE skin analysis, eye care therapy, neck care therapy and another RM150 voucher at only RM88, and you get a deal of a lifetime in skin care? It’s like getting a free facial + massage for free, with extra add-on some more. It’s like getting a free flight to France, and being given pocket money to stay there.

I bet, when I’m done with the facial, I’d be more relaxed, with an extra rejuvenated.. but yeah, it wasn’t me on that bed getting a massage 😛 *jealous *jealous

Well, while Fahriee is going “dormirez-vous avec moi ?” , I think I’ll be only saying “Hé bébé, comment vous faisant ?“. Thalgo just made me wanna learn more French 😛

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