The 4G LTE awesome Lenovo S8-50 tab I do not need


Not that I am selling stuff or electronic gadgets nowadays, but since I have these things to sell away, I’d better do it while it still has its warranty intact. Simpan lama-lama pun tidak ada guna bah. I’m not a fan of a tablet, and my Asus TP300L can convert itself into a 13-inch tablet when I need one.

The final choice, the Asus Transformer Book TP300LD
The final choice, the Asus Transformer Book TP300LD

A few days back, I was given a 4G LTE LENOVO S8-50 tablet which I do not need. The tablet was a gift for something I purchased, so it doesn’t have any sentimental value.

The Lenovo comes with a one year warranty by M-Link, which I understand is the official Lenovo dealer here in Sarawak, and the eight inch tablet is pristine. It’s literally new, and the box was opened in front of me for checking.
Lenovo S8-50 3
As I do not need it, I have decided to sell it by auction to the highest bidder at I am made aware that the Lenovo S8-50 tablet catches about RM900 at market price, but hell, I’m offering it starting at RM1.00 to see how far it can go. (previously I sold my Mi3 and Redmi 1S at Ebay starting at RM10 because the RM10 was for postage. This tablet price starts at RM1 because I have separated the postage value) COD is welcomed only in Matang Jaya, Gita and Semarak but you need to be the winning bidder.

So, if you are keen to own a tablet which is powered by Intel, has about 16GB of ROM (Storage) with expansion slots ready, has a 8MP rear camera, and is like super smooth when used, then you might want to try your luck in bidding.
Lenovo S8-50 2
Anyway, I wish you the best of luck if you are bidding, and the auction ends this Monday at about 11AM.



p/s: Please read the terms and conditions in the bid page carefully.

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