The 5th STAR Movie Carnival


The main screen

Went to check out the 5th Star Movie Carnival at the Kuching Amphitheater on Friday.  Actually got two tickets from Hassle Free’s promotional booth when I signed up for their card two weeks ago.  A total of 9 movies would be showing over a span of three days.  I choose to go on the first day with Amiey because I simply haven’t seen two of movies on that particular day.

Basically, the concept of the whole movie carnival is you get to watch movies under the stars.  Open air la kiranya.  I was kind of skeptical on the sound system because a few weeks ago, when I went went to check out Chill at The Park, the speakers were ‘pecah‘ or, I think you can say distorted.

Launch of the event

Anyway, the whole concept of the event is good, but implementation was rather poor.  I had two tickets, and I didn’t need the tickets to get in.  Security was lacking, and we managed to slip into the amphitheater in broad day light.  They had performances before the launch of the carnival, which co-incidentally also came under the umbrella of the Kuching Fest.

Amiey, my company...

In fact, I came early because I was told that they would be giving free ice-cream, and there would be a treasure hunt going on, and some other performances.  Didn’t get my free ice-cream, the treasure hunt was difficult because it was dark and I ended up empty handed… and the performances were adequate.  Also met Georgette Tan while I was doing the treasure hunt, and she was on assignment, so we didn’t say much to each other.  Owh.. the ticket claimed that there would be movie characters, but nahhh.. didn’t see any.  Maybe they went into hiding.

Great weather

The first movie “Sayang You Can Dance” was a Malay movie which was okay.  Sound system was fine, and perfect during the whole movie.  Second movie was “Knowing“, which was actually a very interesting movie.. but the poor sound system proved to be so bad, I wished I was home.  In addition to that, I shared my blood with at least 10 mosquitoes, which wasn’t really pleasing, but the sky and the weather was fantastic for the whole event.

One of the kids around

I think, a lot more can be done to make this event better.  It’s now in the 5th year, and I wonder what improvements have been done.  Frankly speaking, if it was to be like this for future editions, I’d rather spend my time doing something else..


  1. Eh? The sound system was OK for the 1st movie but the 2nd one the sound system became crap?

    I went on the 2nd night and it was OK. But I didn’t had any real date so the night was unspectacular for me =/ Oh well, better with a group of colleagues to watch than alone!

    Yeah Mike. The second movie was low toned you can hardly hear what Nicholas Cage was saying!! Maybe the audio on the movie spoil or what.. but it was disgraceful la, if you ask me…Expect better you know.

    And eyh… you are right about having a group to watch the movie. That would be far better.

  2. if anyone wud introduce ‘Drive-in’ movie, now that i’d go to willingly. of course then ud need a bigger screen, and a bigger parking space.

    That’s a great idea!! I think they could have it at the state stadium…

  3. well, at least you guys get to have this movies under the stars thingy in Kuching.
    i wonder when will KK have this.

    KK has better cinemas, and bigger companies. I think it will just be a matter of time for this kind of event to occur there.

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