The Amazing Race Kuching Audition


For some odd reason, AXN decided to hold the Amazing Race Asia 4 Auditions in Kuching.  They skipped other major towns, and actually decided to come down to Kuching, which was some what considered by many as ‘the city with a soul’.

Now, don’t go asking me about the term ‘City with a soul’ because as a pure Kuchinginite, I have no idea why outsiders get that idea to name it that way.  The name goes beyond other cities, with many saying Kota Kinabalu as not even close to the ‘soul’ part of Kuching.  To me, its weird, but what the heck.  It’s a compliment, so as a proud Kuchinginite, I’ll accept it.

Anyway, The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) auditions was suppose to start at 11am at tHe Spring, but I didn’t see anything going on at 1130 when I arrived.  In fact, the whole audition seemed dull, or should I say well below my expectations, and maybe TARA crew’s expectation.

I’m a huge TARA participant wannabe, but I can’t even fill in the forms because my full time job doesn’t allow me to get holidays up to 3 months.  I’m sure the my boss will not be happy to even sign for my 3 months unpaid leave.  Even a day of sick leave sometimes would hardly get approved without so many questions being raised, what more a 3 month stint, but I was expecting others to grab TARA’s presence in Kuching with delight, and I was expecting long queues.  But at 1230pm, it seemed that will not happen in Kuching.

Contestants of TARA Season 1 were also hanging around with Pamela and Vanessa both looking gorgeous, and Allan Wu making the ‘boroi’ guys like myself look pathetic and ugly.

Maybe realizing the lack of participation, the emcees and the coordinators for the whole event decided to bring the crowd closer to the stage, and upon the announcement that there will be a prize give away after the TARA video clip, I brimmed with confidence that I could win.  Reason is simply because there was very little people whom had the guts to sit in front, and second was because I was a huge follower of TARA Season 1.  I was already hoping I’d get at least a free CELCOM USB Modem since Sony and CELCOM are both co-sponsors of TARA, but I received a magnetic writing pad instead. (Told you I was confident with winning something from the Q&A).

Well, although it wasn’t the initial prize I wanted to get, but at least Fahriee knew how to use it well.  I couldn’t blame him for being GaGa over them because they were in fact very gorgeous.

I left tHe Spring at 4pm, after spending 2 hours at Starbucks, with TARA celebrities sitting behind me (I dont think they realized we were even there).  Don’t know how the rest of TARA Auditions went by, but I do hope that it improved because I wouldn’t want them to skip Kuching next year.  That would be bad.


  1. I was there too by accident forlunch. Sadly the response was rather unispiringcoz i arrive at 11:30 am to catch a 3:30 pm Alice in Wonderland and the same little crowd at 4:30 pm after the movie. Sarawakians or Kuchingites are a mysterious lot. AXN tried to draw the crowd with star power minus much publicity @ newspapers? I donno….its open for analysis and debate.

    I feel that there was a huge lack in exposure of the event. Relying on the internet and also ASTRA does nothing much when it comes to publicity in Kuching. Main pull would be buntings, newspapers and also radio.

  2. I seriously thinks that there’s no one who can take a 3 months leave if they are working unless they are doing their own business. People like us even worst. even taking a CRK need a whole lot of reasons -_-”

    I agree. CRK pun susah nak lepas.. one more to say unpaid leave.

  3. That’s Jaq Chong! (atas tu, voluptious TARA wannabe…) hehe. not related to chong sisters at all. and no, not a fan of TARA at all. but some people I know auditioned for it. haha

    I know!! And they are so photogenic. Look at their smooth skin!!

  4. wow.. if i’m not expecting, i would have been considering this. i dont really watch amazing race asian, but this is exactly the kind of thing i am really into, i even dreamt abt it one time with a good friend.

    Alaaa.. well, after the baby is born perhaps? You love travelling Sumuk?

  5. errr…the Chong’s sisters are from TARA season 2 cyril… our Msian team, Jo Jer and Zabrina won the first season. 🙂

    and yes, i am a huge TARA fan, i dreamed of joining but due to same reason like yours, i have to put my dream aside. 🙁

    My mistake.. 🙂 Forgot which season is which already.. haha

  6. Hi Cyril,

    I didn’t go to the spring because I had a PIBG meeting. I read about it in the newspaper on friday. I guess the reason for lack of participation in kuching is that people can’t just take three months leave from work, just like u said. I think those who can join are businessmen, students or artists. People like us? nah….

    Anyway, hope there will be participants from Sarawak.

    Thats the thing. Even if it falls during the school holidays, we cant join 🙁

  7. Haha, oh god, I look too happy for my own good. :p Nice photos. I’ll email you your photos with the ladies in about 5 minutes..check your inbox! 😀

    Hahaha.. got ur photo, and replace your photo with mine in this post 🙂 Bro, you do look very happy!! hahaha.. Thanks for the photo.

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