The Arab girl mystery

Inspiration does come at the weirdest place. Today, it came at Starbucks.

At this moment, I am sitting at this humid Starbucks at the Low Cost Terminal, while sipping at my iced Caramel Machiato with hope that it would cool down the heat. It doesn’t seem to be working and so I’ve already planned not to drop by this particular outlet anytime in the future shall I have a transit flight.

A man needs his comfort, and my body is aching from that miserable, back-aching hour or so flight from Kuching.

One good thing about this Starbucks is that you get to sit by the window while gazing at the airport move by you.

It’s a bit ‘stalk-ish’, but what can you do during a transit? I was so bored, I even suggested to a friend we put on our jogging shorts and do a few laps while waiting.

But anyway, not far from me was this Arab girl. It wasn’t difficult to tell that she was from Arab because she was covered from top to bottom, revealing the only thing which caught my eyes, her eyes.
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A quick glance would instantly reveal the beauty of her eyes, but upon looking a bit harder, it seemed she was rather restless, with sadness somewhat revealed.

It made me wonder what went through her mind as she just sat there, doing nothing but stare into oblivion, while her glass of cold frappucino was left untouched.

I don’t want to make guesses of what was on her mind, but I’d like to think that she may be sad leaving Malaysia. But that’s just me trying to figure out the mystery.

Anyway, I’m excited for what’s going to happen in the coming days with a well deserved holiday on my mind.

Beach-Sand-Highlands… uhhh…

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