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Email from ASTRO AWANI

Blah… I’ve not updated this blog for a week.  Not that I’ve lost my interest, but I just don’t have the time to do so.  Also don’t have time to do blog hopping, so pardon me for not visiting any blogs somewhere soon.

I don’t have anything in particular to blog about.  Yeah, since the PPSMI post I did which was viewed by many, and eventually shooting my new domain name up, I have nothing much to shout about.  Oh ya, ASTRO AWANI did email me to do a phone interview with me for the post I made, but they canceled it at the very last minute due to lack of time.

Yeap, I am dissapointed, but it’s not because I wasn’t on air, but rather because they made me wait for around 45 minutes before actually calling me up to tell me that they couldn’t do the interview.  I had plans that night, and I moved it a little further for the interview.  Uhh.. a total waste of time… but yeah, its done..and  if they were to call me up again in the future, I’d still agree to it…  It’s not everyday that a small time blogger like me get’s the spot light you know 😛

Anyway, this week saw two major exams publishing their respective results.  Both exams, namely the STPM and SPM are vital in choosing the next move in one’s life.  I know it first hand, because I am what I am now, due to the choices I made after SPM.  I could be someone different, if I took up other offers, like going overseas, but yeah.. I made ‘that turn’.. and here I am.

In fact, I see that the education ministry is busy comparing Mathematics & Science results with the previous years.  I guess it has everything to do with the backing of PPSMI, and convincing the general public that PPSMI is indeed good.  But yeah, like I said, I’m not into statistics.  Not now at least.

So, SPM and STPM.  Equally life changing, and very vital in any Malaysian.  But the next step, which is selecting the right course/path is also challenging.

Most students with good result will opt for ‘fancy’ courses… like ENGINEERING, MEDICINE, PHARMACY.. etc etc.. You know la..

Average result holders would also be doing the same, trying to match their results with courses they prefer.  Those whom didn’t fare well, owh well.. continue to dwell over past mistakes, and what could happen if they did more.  It’s the circle of life in a student’s life.

The thing is, one should not dwell over the past.  There is no point looking back at things which could have happened.  It’s better to embrace what you have, and focus on your strong points.  The world is not over just because you fared badly in your exams.  There is a whole lot of opportunities out there.  You just need to focus, and go for it.

For those with good grades, I am very sure they do not know what to do.  Yalah… getting good results can be a handful.  You have so many options, you don’t know which is the best.  For those whom are average, you are torn.. not knowing where you stand, and what you can do… and for those whom failed, obviously you are demoralized.

Sometimes, parents can be very picky.  I know my dad wants one of my siblings to be a lawyer or doctor.  Hmm.. I don’t see that coming, but he still has hope with one of my sister sitting for SPM next year. The others, uh.. we already have our careers planted firm.  One of my sis will be a pharmacist.  That’s for sure.

Anyway, for all you guys seeking advice for the next move after you have your results,here is an advice for someone whom has been through it all:

Be selfish, and do the course you want.  Ignore what your parents want (unless their perspective is applicable), and what your friends want to do.  Take up a certain course because you want to do it.  But always remember, no matter how good is your result, there is always someone better.  So, choose wisely, and think whether you’d like to do that particular ‘thing’ for the rest of your life.


Teaching is always a best bet for those looking for a simple lifestyle.

I know so many whom have shun teaching, but are now soon-to be educators.  So, think, do you want a guaranteed job, or do you want to earn big?

Hehhe.. there I just successfully promoted the teaching profession!! wuahahahhaa…..

Living a simple lifestyle ain’t that bad you know.  Trust me.


  1. The thing is that not when u were just fresh out of school, not everybody knows what they really want to do, especially when they are yet to be exposed to the working life. True, some might think that they really like Chemistry when they were in school, and the nearest bet is either Chem Eng, Chemist etc etc.. But when it comes to tertiary level, things would have change. You’ll receive different perspective. Some might realized that the thing that they study is not exactly what they want to do in real life even on their graduation day. That is why parents can provide guides, because they also do know what the industry out there wants, out of experience. Lots of parents nowadays are not really that shallow. It is unfair to totally shun our parents out when it comes to career choice.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Yeah… true.. true.. edited my post accordingly.

  2. I normally advise my students to match their interest with job prospects and get advice from those involve in tertiary education.

    They need to be realistic with the results they obtained. Some with mere 2.5 CGPA hoping to get a course in Medicine in public uni is like hoping you to strike 4D (the possibility is there but very very slim).

    I would also advise those who didn’t manage to get good results (or failed), to try to get hold of the chance to join various training programmes offered by the government agency. You can learn practical knowledge that would help you in the future rather than pouring thousands to do a diploma or degree in private institutions, which at the end of the day, you didn’t gain much.

    Doing practical training is better than facing the books and pass exams.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Yah.. you are right. Some people are just not realistic about their chances, and think that their result can get them anywhere, despite their normal average results.

  3. I agree totally with you about being selfish. I had very good results. I turned around and announced I was going into private college, and studying business. It shocked both my parents because they aspire me to be some sort of a doctor, or lawyer, or an architect. Yes. THEY aspire me to be. I fought my way, got my scholarship to the private college and after that they just resigned to the fact that their daughter loves numbers, money and economics and would have it no other way.

    Four years later, I’m so glad I made that selfish choice. 3 days ago on the way to my graduation ceremony, my own father called up to say he’s proud of me.

    I believe no matter what you want to do in your life, no matter how it shocks or concern your parents initially, they are still our parents and want the best for us. They think they know what is best but if we prove them our own path is the best for us, they’ll be there beside you!

    I also agree on keeman. Formal education is not the only thing that can spur you on in life. Sometimes, practical training will get you a long way.

    As for being a teacher, wow, I have a lot of things to say about that if you can be patient and wait for the post. LOL. It’s not a negative post, don’t worry!

    [Cyril Dason]
    Ahh… You are a good example. My cuz is just like you, and well, I know her parents are proud of her. Btw, I am waiting for your post 😀

  4. Nowadays, teachers get better benefits and a faster career upscale. 🙂 But, only be a teacher if you have the passion and the patience for it.

    [Cyril Dason]
    I was told that the Education Ministry is one of the biggest, but has the slowest/slimmest promotion opportunities.


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