Lagenda Budak Hostel

The best part of ‘Lagenda Budak Hostel’

Last weekend, I decided to watch a Malay comedy flick called ‘Lagenda Budak Hostel‘ because I saw this one clip which went viral on social media, and I thought, hey, this could make me interested to re-watch Malay movies, or Malay romance-comedies (RomCom) for that matter.

The scene which caught my eye was the one below.

It was a single moment where I thought this movie could be one of the few that could be worth watching because it seemed funny, and romantic.  After all, it was produced by David Teo, a well known producer in Malaysia.

Unfortunately for me, the scene I shared above was the only single best part of the whole movie to be honest.

The rest of the hour plus long show was a complete waste of time.

I stayed in the hostel during my secondary school life, and there was little resemblance. In fact, I thought the whole movie was simply a waste of funds (Finas reported it cost RM1.5mil to make), and what was shown in the movie could have contributed to the decline in student behavior in our schools.

Brutal words? Yeah… I was utterly disappointed.  Not only did the movie fail to show the real hostel life. It also made teachers look like fools.

I felt a movie like ‘Lagenda Budak Hostel’ had so much potential, where it could do more to accurately show the real hostel life in Malaysia, while adding that sweet school like romance, without overdoing on the ‘trying too much to be funny’ stuff.

Unfortunately, they did try way too hard to be funny that at the end, it was just messed up and everywhere, with lines heading up no where, and the story line just pointless regardless of what the synopsis said. In fact, Nora Danish who acted as Seroja was a mere pretty face in the movie with her acting abilities wasted.

Well, according to Finas the movie grossed RM1.4 mil, which I feel is too generous, but perhaps there’s a lot more others that enjoyed the movie than I did.

Either way, if you are thinking of watching the movie, I’d recommend you give others a go first.

Seriously, how do you restore faith in the Malay movie scene if you keep producing garbage like this?

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