The Biology Paper


This is officially my first photo post because I am speechless nowadays. Yeah, blame it on the 3 foreign languages I am trying to understand.. namely php, html and javascript. Em so here I go.. See the photo below (more specifically, the white building)?

Pullman Hotel, Kuching

Yes, it’s the latest hotel in Kuching. It’s 5 star, it’s spanking new, and I have passed through it over a dozen times since it has opened, but I have never been into it. Yeah, I know, I’m slow at new things. It took me more than 3 moths to go to Four Points Sheraton.

These photo shows my students studying for my Biology SPM paper.

Students study Biology

Students study Biology 2

Students study Biology 3

Students study Biology 5

See how they are studying REEAAALLYYY hard, yet the paper is like a few more minutes away? Well, blame it on the Biology teacher whom knows nuts on Biology, and emphasis so much on the the phrase ‘Learn something, but never learn nothing‘….

Students study Biology 4

Maybe next year’s students whom are taking up Biology should be thankful because there is a new Biology teacher in school, so they wouldn’t have to study so hard at the very last minute due to the fact that this new teacher is trained to teach Biology, unlike yours truly which was trained to teach Technical and Vocational Education, but asked to teach Biology.  Uhh, did I mention that I WILL REALLY MISS THESE GUYS/GIRLS when they leave school after SPM?

And owh.. I know Kenny will be very pleased with me because I promoted Level Up which ‘dipping’ myself in the beach last week.

Level Up on the beach
I’m using the word ‘dip’ because I can’t swim. Yeah, sue me. I’m a Land Dayak… so I stay on land, well.. most of the time =P

I think that’s all… I’m looking for a good new template for my blog.  There is something with New Year and New Template in me… As for th title of this blog post? Well, majority rules.. Simple.


  1. Good luck to your students! =)

    And that white building, later la we go there together (as usual), and bring along few friends (norman, fahriee) as our tour guides… I’m interested to go to Pullman and know about the building more… =P

    And Level Up, I lost my membership letter… *sad*
    If you want to go, go ahead… Join Fahriee so that you won’t get bored. =)

    Sure, we can do that later =)

  2. Dip in the sea. Here’s a tip, take a deep breath and let yourself go, you should float, though the current might take you to West Malaysia. 😛

    But I don’t want to float to West Malaysia. Can I float to Japan instead? =P

  3. I’m worst than you. I’ve never been to Four Points even!! waiting until i have an event to do there, or if i get to an event done there. And Pullman, well… once the complexes open fully then maybe i’ll go. we go now nanti rupa macam sakai. haha.

    LOL!! Kuching ba.. when something new, sure everyone will be there.

  4. Pullman ah? I’ve only been inside there for thrice. Went thru back entrance interview ma. even the office still a bit kelam kabut…not reli neat and ready.

    Yeah? Wah.. seems that Kuching new buildings always open like that. Even Bulevard opened like that last time.

  5. iwas wondering why you lama didnt blog. rupanya ur rss feed dah kena moved. 🙂

    so spm dah habis?

    Owh.. forgot to update you guys on the change of feed =) Sorry about that. SPM finish soon.. don’t really know the date, but my students will be free after Tuesday.


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