The Birthday Post: Thirty-Four

Today is the day I was born.  Not exactly sure about the time, but as usual, this is a post about what happened in the past year,  so bear with me.

Been living for 34 years but the years actually went by really fast.  It felt so fast that I can’t really recall much of what went by to be honest.

But if anything, last year was largely a year of changes.  Nothing really major, but there was some change.

For starters, I did try to trim my weight from 88kg by going to the gym and doing some regular exercise. However, work caught up with me by June, and with constant travels after that, including a toe injury sometime in August, I lost my gym mojo, and now have my weight hovering around 82kg.

In the blogging arena, I decided to slow down on blogging, closing down several projects I couldn’t update, and focusing my energy on those that are already popular and ‘working’. In this area, I also jumped for the first time to a new hosting company after an initial one I thought was good, screwed me big time. I did however open a blog in Bahasa Malaysia, which was largely about my work. The blog was actually made up for an application for a post I didn’t manage to get, but I was just trying, so I’m not really sad about not getting it.

I also started to declined more event invitations because I couldn’t make time for most of it.  Unfortunately, these events included football matches as well as I also found myself travelling quite often last year.

When I was 33, I also decided to change my car, moving away from the family oriented saloon car, my Saga BLM, to a pick-up truck powered by a Diesel engine. It was a huge leap and it took me a month or so to get used to the new ride. It will take a few more years before I own this truck since now it is owned by the bank which gave me the loan to buy it.

In terms of entertainment, the Filipino series ‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’ really changed my perspective on the LGBT community and made me understand their plight more, while I have also started watching more TV series before bed time to complete TV series that have been discontinued.

When it comes to travels, I re-visited Bali again this year, and wen to Da Nang for the first time last December. Bali was nice, but Da Nang was even better.

Life nowadays revolves a lot around my small family, and close friends, so there’s little which are not too personal to tell.

Anyway, for this new age I’m going to live for the next year, the hope is that I’d continue having a blessed life, with my family, friends, and God by my side.

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