Do you go to the gym?

I guess this blog is heading towards being very personal once more. Oh well, read on if you want to…

Since this year started, I’ve met with countless people, new and old faces… and one question which pops up the most is “Do you go to the gym?“.

Wait…. Me? Gym?

Yep, I’m scratching my head too!

After years of being active in sports (although I suck at it), I have slowed down a lot in the ‘sweating‘ department, replacing it with huge amounts of comfortable sleep. My body weight has gone up, and I am now slightly above the ‘normal’ region in BMI. I hate to admit it, but I’m already overweight.

But it seems that many think my new found glorious overweight-ness body as a clear indication I’m going to the gym to work out. I find it funny.

It makes me wonder, how does someone going to the gym look like?

Anyway, I think it’s time I made those muscles pop up like for real. Time to carry some heavy weights and build that muscles which have been hidden behind my fats.  Yep, it’s time to make those fats into flats.

But one things for sure, I ain’t doing any jogging. For some odd reason, jogging has never been my strength, and I hate it to the bits.

I can hardly finish a 3.6km walk at Bako National Park dammit, and what more to say a jog which isn’t really running, and isn’t exactly walking.

I’d prefer to stick with football, or maybe virtual football to build my finger muscles for now.

Hey, I haven’t exercise for ages, okay?… I MUST WARM UP FIRST, and I’m starting with my fingers =P

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