The Christmas Chronicles 2009

Christmas ain’t Christmas they say, without the usual family gatherings.  This Christmas was sort of like a typical Christmas for me with a good gathering among family members back in the kampung, and having some fun with my parents.

I took a break from my busy schedule to go back to my parents on the 20th, just in time for my dad’s birthday.  This time, the celebration was kind of weird for me, because my dad decided to bring us all to Borneo Highlands on a family trip, which is something we rarely do because we find trips like this too costly in the past.   I’ll reserve what I have to say on the place for another day.  This post, is sort of like a quick summary on what has been going on for the past few days, because the last thing I want is to leave this blog lacking on updates=)

After the trip, I kind of chilled at home (at my parents), relaxing and doing nothing, but on the 24th, I brought my parents, and my sister(the youngest one) to enjoy the first 3D cinema in Borneo.  Brought them to watch Avatar.  It was the second time watching the movie in 3D for me, but I figured, my ageing parents need to try something new, rather than looking at the old Sony TV we have at home.  I not sure how my parents felt about the movie, and the whole experience, but my dad couldn’t stop talking about the 3D experience despite the fact that both of them did complain about how uncomfortable the 3D glasses were.

After the movie, I bought them for a quick dinner at Batu Lintang before heading on to St Joe’s Cathedral for the Christmas eve mass.  Uhh… St Joe has the best choirs.  If you are not in the Christmas spirit yet, then go and listen to the carols sang by them next Christmas.  I’ve been to many Churches/Cathedrals, and I still personally think St Joe, Kuching has the best choir.

On Christmas day, I spent the whole day in my village in Bau.  Had a good chat with my cuz whom in back from KL, and ate lots of durian.  In other words, the whole Christmas involved family members.  Didn’t actually do anything else, and slept upon reaching home.  On 26th, I went to my cousin’s open house in Jalan Arang, and spent the evening there.  Before that, I spent most of the day relaxing at home.

Well, I think that sums up what has happened for the past few days.  I know, this update is a little late, considering that all those things happened a week ago, but I’m kind of occupied these few days.  The photos in this post are somehow related to the days itself, as I continue to avoid posting photos of my family members =P

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