The Club’s Lobby Lounge, Kuching


The name ‘The Club‘ may make this place sound like a pub for the hip and young, and there is a huge possibility you’d be expecting loud music with an open dance floor ready to be used.  But that’s not what ‘The Club’ at Riverside Majestic has to offer.

Taking the previous spot of LEA Sport Center, The Club is a small ‘Starbucks Size’ lounge which offers Kuchinginites a place to chill and relax at Kuching’s city center.  The concept is simple, and I really loved the fact that this place was made with the sole intention to be a place to hang out, relax and catch up with friends. If you are over 18, then say bye bye Starbucks, and Hello The Club!

Parking is expensive at Kuching City’s prime area, and I know that’s always an issue when you want to spend time in these areas.  Well, patrons to The Club are given the privilege of enjoying a flat rate of RM2 per entry to the Riverside Majestic parking bay.  All you need to do is get your parking ticket stamped by officials of The Club before you leave.  Add that with a good range of drinks and cakes found in The Club, and you have a place to chill for the whole day.  In fact, their current Happy Hour offer which starts from as early as 12pm-9pm will ensure you will stay in The Club for hours.

Add that with their free wireless (wi-fi) service-to be introduced, available sockets and the fact that you are at the heart of Kuching paying only RM2 for parking… This is makes The Club one of the best places to spend time when you just need a place to relax.

Well, truth to be told, The Club was kind enough to invite me and a couple of bloggers to their soft opening last Tuesday night.  The intention was to enable us to get a ‘feel’ of what they have to offer.  They provided us with oysters, and got us tasting their selection of cakes, pastries, snacks and drinks.  There also had a live band performance which played old and new tunes using the piano and guitar.  If you ask me, this was something I really love. It beats those loud bass sound which you usually find in pubs, and of course beats the crap out of lounges which only play music.

As I was informed, prices of their servings will be affordable, and when I mean affordable, I do mean that if you can afford Starbucks, then you can afford to drink here. It’s plain math. If you feel that Starbucks is expensive, then might as well order the 3 for RM10 in Siang Siang Corner than come here.  For me, the price justifies the service and serving, so as far as I am concerned, The Club is affordable.  BUT, if you feel that’s not enough, apply for a FREE privilege card and enjoy an extra 10% discount for your whole life on anything offered in both Grand Margherita’s Rajang Lobby Lounge and The Club.

But seriously, The Club is going to be my new ‘nest’ to hang out. Love the ambiance, the atmosphere, and the locality.  And above all, it does not only serve coffee and tea, so I can either leave The Club sober, or as drunk as I want although the later does seem rather a long shot since I don’t favor beer 😛


  1. Elisha:
    LOL.. I also just knew… Ur not alone.

    Dee Loner:
    Thanks Dinang. Do check it out.. I love the place,.. Gonna bring Amiey there to hang out soon 🙂

    Saw it bro. Nicely done!

  2. Wow..from the way you’ve described it, it is a place worth checking. I can’t wait to go back Kuching and experience for myself this place..

    nice review,btw.

  3. Elisha:
    Silo is a pure pub with loud music and is clossed already. The Club is more relaxed, and the music is subtle.

    Im not sure…maybe kot.

    Go la bro.. u mite like it.

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