The Diamond Ring


Yesterday I told you that I was invited by Irene to cover some event at Hilton Ballroom, Kuching.  Yeah… I went, with Emy.  Didn’t know what to expect, but its been a while since I’ve been invited for such things, especially as a blogger.  The last one was actually by Proton, but even then, it was because I bought my car through the sales guy, whom didn’t know I was also blogging about the event. Owh well… it was held at Hilton, and class is written all over the event.

Expected an early arrival, say 115pm or so.  The event was suppose to start at 130pm… but then, I somehow forgot to reload my new Ixy 25 IS with its battery and memory card, making me doing a U-turn when I was just a few blocks away from Hilton.  Hurried my way to the event, for fear I was late, but when I parked my car at the RM4 an hour car park (which is really steep for parking your car), and reached the registration counter… I realized, Emy and I were not the last.  In fact, the event started at 2pm which is kind of typical Malaysian time.  Anyway, I couldn’t complain about the late start after I knew that they were expecting more guest, but only 1/4 came.

The event was lavish and simple.  The models were fantastic although one of them did look a little awkward.  I guess it was her first time.  The jewelery available were really a spectacle, and the concept this company called ‘Minex Jewelery‘ was really interesting.  They claim that you could sell your jewelery for the same value as you bought it!!  They even say that they are now selling jewellery at affordable prices so that guys like you and me could own one, or at least buy one to give away to someone 😛

The concept, and the thought of spending thousands for some stone, and giving it simply to someone is just fantastic, right??? But in the words of Benjamin, whom happens to own this jewellery line “To have something that beautiful and precious, touching your skin… gives you the sense of intimacy and closeness“… or so he said somthing like that.

Apart from the usual explanation and jewelry show presentation during the whole event, I also managed to try out my skills using my new camera.  Okay, I’m mentioning my ‘new camera’ way too often… hahahaa… but here’s a shots I think was kind of nice:

I have to admit, my camera seemed inadequate if compared to those DSLR camera’s, but what I hated most was running around to get the models to give me a decent pose.  If I’m lucky enough, the model would do a sexy pose like this….

But one model seemed really camera shy.  Every time I wanted to catch her photo, she’d turn her back on me, or move.  Finally, I opted for a photo of her walking… which was not impressive, but nonetheless amazing (since she is really easy on the eyes despite her less revealing outfit if compared to the others).

After the launch, bloggers and media were invited for a small gathering for the Q&A session with Benjamin.  Well, most which attended were actually bloggers.  Wonder where the media was???  Anyway, I asked a few questions, and I learned two thing after that. Well, it was actually one thing because I already knew the other… Em, the first thing was that you can still succeed even if you dropped out of university (this is the one I knew), and two… when you buy expensive jewellery, you must INSIST on its ‘originality certificates‘.

The Q&A session, with a ‘small talk’ session or sort of a blogger’s kind of gathering session ended with Benjamin offering us more gifts and souvenirs.

I have to say, diamonds are glittering expensive, and judging from the minimum RM2k price tag at the Minex Jewellery diamond show, I guess this photo(below) which was taken by Emy means so much when you’re talking on how priceless diamonds are.

And Benjamin did mention that being some expert in diamonds a.k.a jewellery stones pay handsomely, and his jewellery chain is offering some sort of internship for those wanting to earn a 5 figure income.  But, if you don’t want the job, you could just buy the jewellery from them.

Behold…. the ‘diamond ring‘ Minex Jewellery gave us blogger!!  I feel like Kenny Sia already!!! ahhahaha…

**some photo’s are taken by Emy… so THANKS to her… read her entry on this event here.  Also, check out this model here.

Oh ya, thanks to TrueCard for inviting us bloggers.  We all got their FREE membership card which cost about RM19.90 annually.  Like I said, already feeling like Kenny Sia..hahahhaaha


  1. So you started shopping early for a ring already? I am waiting for some really really good news 🙂 by then you would be an expert on diamonds.

    Your counting your chickens so early bro… I wish it was that soon. hehhe…. anyway, a diamond is RRReaAAAAaLLLLLlyyYYYYy EXPENSIVE.. I’d rather spend the money on my honeymoon than get a diamond ring…hehehe

  2. did they really give u a diamond ring? i doubt that..

    Of course they didn’t… but it really looks like one. The gave us a silver keychain with a fake diamond. If they gave me a real diamond, I’ll be in Phuket now… 😛

  3. Why do people always say a diamond is a girl’s best friend? I dont get it, and i dont agree. i dont get any satisfaction from owning or wearing a diamond, even tho ive done neither. but hmm… why aaa? Is it because im not a typical girl? or i just dont appreciate class? (diamond + class = blur…)

    Awhhh.. your asking the wrong guy. I don’t get it either. I guess the girls have to answer this question…but like Desmond said.. get ur girl a diamond, and you’ll have a magnificent honeymood..hahahha… 😉

  4. Ethically you have to update, else why they ask you to go hahaha…

    yala..ethically.. but if you don’t they wouldn’t report you also, right? 😛 but its fun doing this sort of things once and a while. Wished they’d give me a media pass too the RWMF

  5. i agree with that… for me,to own diamond or not… i don really care about that… for me diamond is not woman’s best fren… i don’t fren with diamond…hehehehehe

    hehehe….. so, what or who is your best fren?? *wink*

  6. I have a better idea… give me a yellow Camarro (like in the Transformer). Not a diamond. besides, it cost less than a diamond, and i certainly know how to appreciate it! LOL

    Hahahha.. a girl into wheels!! That’s hot!

  7. OMG i did know my photo was in there LOL. Hey didn’t notice Emy taking my photos, luckily not so ugly hahaha. Nice meeting both of you =))

    The best shots are the candid one’s 😛 Nice knowing you too man.

  8. hah! finally manage to see all the photos. yesterday downloading really sucks..

    I thought my handphone is my best friend?

    Niway, I like seeing pretty girls. very pleasing to the eyes.. hhihihii…

    Your the modern girl… preferring the handphone to jewellery. I guess the quote “A woman’s best friend” is kind of ‘lapuk’ nowadays.

  9. oit.. i’ll never stop anybody from giving me diamond.. pls pls… anyone..
    i’m gonna sell them back muahah!

    the only diamond i wont trade for anything in the world is my engagement ring 🙂

    How about your wedding ring?? Hehehehee..

  10. i have yet to see my wedding ring, but i believe is not necessarily be with diamond. it can be a plain wedding band. but engagement ring is best with diamond..

    that’s a good tip for you to keep in mind eh? 😉

    That’s a very good tip 😛 Thanks!!!

  11. Get anthr spam thingy lah.I answr right also say im wrong.If ths x get thru im x reposting my cmt!

    As i was saying,hw u get to cover an event?! Im so envious!

    Disabled the spam thing, and see how many spams I’d get for now. Hope this will repair those commenting problem. Em, covering an event was an invitation under ;P


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