The ‘fixed deposits’ in Malaysia

Another political post, and just in time for the dissolution of the Malaysian Parliament.  I have said this before here, but this is the more elaborate post.  Non-political interested readers, give this post a skip, and check out this blog.

More about Sabah and Sarawak being 'fixed deposit'
More about Sabah and Sarawak being ‘fixed deposit’

You know, there has been a lot of talk about Sarawak (and Sabah) being the ‘fixed deposit’ for someone.  It has been said, repeated, and stressed out again and again.

I find it annoying, and in many ways insulting because the only fixed deposit I know comes in the bank where you put in money, keep it for a while, and cash out the profit on a later date.

So, if Sarawak (and Sabah) is a fixed deposit, does this mean that we are getting somethings just so that someone gets something back in the coming future?

Does this mean that we are easy to buy and bribe?

Benefits of fixed deposits
Benefits of fixed deposits

Probably these people think that we in Sarawak are loyalist, and we stick to them through tick and thin, but we shouldn’t be called ‘fixed deposit.

Well, with all honesty, you don’t win hearts by calling them yours, and you definitely do not do so by telling them you are expecting to collect back anytime soon.

…and by the way, gaining votes by using personal attacks on your opponent is in no way cool and matured. Childish adalah….

I wonder who started calling us ‘fixed deposit’?

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