The Go Bald Poster Boy, UN-BALDED

Surely you’ve seen the poster for this years Go Bald campaign. He’s grinning, and he seems happy to be bald to help children fight cancer. Well, if you don’t have a clear idea of him, here’s how he looks like now:

So, do you wonder like I do, about who’s the inspiration behind the baldy in the poster above?

Yeah, I know… without hair, it’s hard to recognize someone… He could be anyone, anybody, any soul!

He could even be your best friend who went bald silently!

Well, I’ve got the scoop, and it’s thanks to the people working hard for the Go Bald project. They gave me an exclusive scoop on who’s the mysterious inspiration to the baldy with the charming smile.



Look’s familiar? Need a hint? Here you go…

I bet you see the similarities now…

Help me raise money for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, and help me go bald. I’m not a ‘bieliber’, but I’ll be somewhat inter-connected with him if I can raise up enough money to be bald like him.

To know how you can help me be a ‘bieliber’, please go here.  Do spread the words fellow ‘bielibers’ =P

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