The Good & The Bad of The Apple iPhone


The iPhone by Apple has been on my ‘wishlist‘ for quite sometime. I’ve made it a point that I will get an iPhone once my current phone goes dead, and hope by then it would be a lot cheaper, especially since the iPhone 4G is expected to be released in July. The plan is to wait for my SE W705 phone to die a natural death, and wait for the price of the iPhone to drop. A brilliant plan, if you ask me πŸ˜›

Co-incidentally, my SE W705 died early πŸ™ Last Wednesday to be exact, and I am now staring at the possibility to get the iPhone 3G. No, I’m not planning to get the latest iPhone (iPhone 4G or iPhone 3GS) because I simply can’t afford it.

Anyway, before I jump on to get an iPhone, I did a research on why the phone is a must have. Here’s my conclusion…

The iPhone is ‘over-rated’.
Well, as much as the reputation of the phone goes… some people are unaware that you have only 24 tunes which you can make as your ringtone/message/alarm tone. Yea, this means you can’t have the Black Eye Peas calling you everytime there is an incoming call or text message. Of course you can get other tunes, but be ready to fork some money out… and if you must know, you can only purchase these ringtones from the iTunes store, which is not open to Malaysians. Maybe you’d need to travel to the US to get your preferred ringtone πŸ˜›

The iPhone also drinks power like crazy. Unlike some similar smart phones, the iPhone’s battery life can only last for less than 12 hours under use. I can name a few other phones which last longer, and iPhone isn’t in the list. The body is also made out of plastic, which I do not favour. Anyway, functions like ‘managing calls’ aren’t available, and you need to subscribe to data packages to fully utilize the iPhone. Also, you can’t get anything inside the iPhone if you don’t use the iTunes software, so that means you need a computer. Honestly, the iPhone does seem a little over-rated if you ask me as there are so many other phones with more features, saves power, and cost twice cheaper.

So, why the iPhone?
Without a doubt, the iPhone is the best touch screen in its class. Despite the incoming of more similar phones, the iPhone still tops when it comes to touch screen experience. Also, with a huge number of applications made available, the iPhone can practically do almost everything for you. Add in the fact that it acts like a mini computer makes it a complete gadget for you to bring around while staying in touch with the online world. I’ve heard the words “One you use an iPhone, you will never use other phones for life” way to often… and that’s just proof of how great this phone is. Other reasons I have? Well, the iPhone looks good, it’s easy to use, and you can have your dataΒ  backed up in your PC. Apart from that, I tend to have very sweaty hands, and a keypad phone isn’t appropriate since sweat/water tend to seep through the buttons. The iPhone on the other hand, boast of a screen, making it near to impossible to have such a problem.

Okay, it does seem that the advantages out-weigh by the disadvantages, but I’m still getting the iPhone because it is ‘the phone’. And, since it will be the most expensive phone I’ll be owning, I’ll wrap it up with whatever to keep it protected. Ahhh.. while typing this, I just had this feeling that this is one of those boring post… Well, my blog, my words… and since I’ve typed it, might as well publish it.


  1. Rodz:
    Well, Android phones seem to be a good choice if you ask me. You only need one smart phone, so its either the Apple iPhone, BB , or HTC (Android)… Yeah.. finally.. Thanks to my phone yang rosak awa πŸ™

    Sibu Food Diva:
    Yeah. Really hope the phone doesnt drop. Anyway, I checked out the jailbreak version, but from what I gathered, its prone to virus attacks πŸ™

    Yes, finally a review from an avid iPhone user. πŸ™‚
    I looked up the customization of the ringtones. Not bad, but still cant transfer it the ringtones to my phone:-(

    Wanted to wait, for the sake of the price to drop.. but since my phone died earlier than expected, I decided to get it earlier.

  2. 1. Ringtone – you can make your own customized RT all for free. No need to purchase from iTunes and it’s a very simple step. Takes less than 5 mins.

    2. Conserving batt – You should turn off any applications/functions that’s not in used. For e.g. wireless, 3G, location services, reduce screen brightness etc to save battery. Alternatively, invest on external battery pack/external charger.

    3. In general smartphones are using a lot of battery. BB also similar issues.

  3. regarding the ringtones, can easily be solved πŸ™‚ jailbreak~ the battery life can be prolonged if the 3G is switched off, when not using. actually, all is good. janji jangan jatuh phone. once drop, Amen. πŸ˜›

  4. Finally bro hehehe. Good infos up there, I agree with you. It seems like a simple phone but actually it’s way more complicated when everything for that phone needed to be “pass through” their own software hehehe
    Ever since I’m using the Android phone, I think I like it more due to the flexibility it has. Anyway, I’ve cancel my intention for that phone at least for now hehehe (simply because I still cant afford it and my phone is not dead yet so I think I will adopt your strategy kekeke :p )

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