The Gravity League


The English Premier League started last week, and there are numerous Fantasy Manager Games out there. Some of them are offering no prizes, while some are offering some sort of incentives.  This year, I joined one which is co-organized by MAXIS.  The competition is called ‘MyFantasy’ which does sound a little kinky, but this is all about football.

The offering is a good cash prize of RM3,500 monthly for the best team which has joined, and the prize is EXCLUSIVE for Malaysians only.  To top that up, the best team of the season stands a chance to win RM15,000.  I’m serious!  Check out the poster below.(click to enlarge)

In the light of the excitement, I have taken the initiative to set up a fantasy league or sort of a mini-league which I call ‘GRAVITY LEAGUE‘.  The league places participating teams head-to-head against each other on a weekly basis in accordance to the EPL.

For example, if Team A scores more points than Team B, then team A will get a full 3 points hence enabling them to climb up the league table.  Winner or league champions claim glory.  I figured, by having extra challenges weekly, those who are playing the MyFantasy game will also get extra thrill such as I did.

To make it even more interesting, I have also set up a blog which I call ‘The Gravity Tabloid‘ exclusive to cover the happenings in the league. News featured in the blog are all untrue (except for results and standings), but its just for the fun of it. Click on the link I gave just now, you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, if you are interested to join in the Gravity League, simply follow the instructions below.

1st STEP:

Register here:

Fill in the details, pick your team name and 12 players.. and then when you are done. click CONFIRM your team. Its step by step, should be peanuts for you.


To join ‘TheGravity League’, click on ‘League’ and choose ‘Join a League‘ and enter the codes 389-579.

Your done… you can see other teams in the league. On 21 August, you will see who you are up against.

Places are limited, and closing date to join in is 21st August, 0001 hours.

Join up, or miss out…



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