The gym routine


Started going to the gym on the second week of January this year. The whole gym-thing is not motivated to look good, but rather to get my fitness back after some signs of poor health surfaced recently, which include cramps on the leg when seated for just a short period of time. My weight has also been increasing gradually despite the increase of food price. This has forced me to ‘upgrade’ my pants size lately, which brings to more expenditure and a full wardrobe.
gym place
Going to the gym at odd hours, or not peak hours has its advantages. For starters, I get to ‘own’ the gym. There’s hardly anyone at my gym when I go, so it’s sort of perfect for someone who is bulky. I dislike it when there’s these ‘sado’ (well built, huge mussle men) men around too coz it makes me feel intimidated for some reason especially when using the equipment.

There are however times when there’s a few people at the gym with me, but if they are are there like me, hogging the thread mill more than any other equipment, I’m fine. After all, I spend less than an hour in the gym, leaving as fast as I came. I don’t really have time to work out too long as I have other responsibilities.
gym weights
The main problem with my new routine now is motivation. Work is starting to get hectic, and I find myself tired after work, with little energy to actually hit the gym.

But regardless, I still do it anyway because I’ve spent money on the membership, and I’ve invested quite a lot in new shoes, some new tees, a new bag, and a fitness band (the Mi band).

Laugh as you may, but these things, and the thought I’ve spent money on it, makes me realize I need to continue those afternoon thread mill runs, though it sometimes feels like a huge burden.
Gym Mi Band
But then, after almost two weeks at the gym, I’ve noticed a few changes. My weight is dropping and I am eating less because I get full easily. The sweat I pour on the thread mill has also made me feel more refreshed on a daily basis. Going to they gym, or sweating it out seems to be a new addiction of late.

gym shoesHow this feeling would last, I don’t know. However, the hope is that I will hit my ideal weight regardless of if the huge tummy bulged still exist or not.

Bukan mok madah apa lah post tok.. saja mok madah aku dah mengamalkan gaya hidup sehaaaattttt…

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