The HTC HD7 Battery Life Comparison Test

The HTC HD7.

Well, I thought I’m done with my review of the HTC HD7, but here I go again talking about this smart phone. I promise, this is my last post on the HTC HD7 for now *cross fingers* but if I do own the phone, you’d just have to expect more reviews from time to time, particularly regarding the Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

The HTC HD7 comes with a 1230 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which is said to last for up to 380 minutes (6.5 hours) of talk time, and over 380 hours of stand-by time. Yes, no mistake there. 380 hours of stand-by time. Thats like 16 days without having to charge your phone at all! I tried testing this time, but after two days (48 hours), I gave up. Come on, 16 days is a looOOOooonggggg time!

I did however did a test on other features of the phone. The test was done with the following fixed variables:

  • The temperature is at the normal Malaysian room temperature.
  • Testing was done from a fully charged unit until the warning ‘low battery’ was displayed.
  • The battery was not changed, replaced during the duration of test.
  • All test is done with all apps synced as ‘OFF’ except for the auto update by Facebook and the contact hub.
  • Wireless, 3G and roaming is all turned ‘OFF’ (except for the 3G & wi-fi test).
  • The phone was not used for any other reason except for the test required/mentioned.

Let me also explain that different features the phone has requires some tweaking in my test method as stated below:

  • FOR GAMING EXPERIENCE – The same game is played over and over again with short 5 minutes breaks in between.
  • FOR MP3 PLAYBACK – Continuous playback with different songs using earphones.
  • FOR MOVIE PLAYBACK – Continuous playback of the same movie using speakers.
  • FOR WI-FI/3G USE – Left switched on without any use of any applications.
  • FOR NORMAL USE – Occasional tweeting and use of basic apps related to the internet once a while (around 3 hours)

With that cleared up, here’s the graph of the battery life based on my personal test.

Results of my HTC HD7 Battery Test

As you obviously can notice, the battery is longest on wi-fi on standby mode (without use), but the battery drains quickly when you use the phone continuously.  Regardless of that, the phone still last longer than certain other smart phones. And before I forget, a good full charge takes about 2 hours.

Please note that the test I’ve done is only accurate at my test time.

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