The HTC HD7: Looks Matters


Okay boys and girls. It’s that time I’ve been freakishly tweeting about on twitter. Yes, its the time for me to do a HTC HD7 marathon review. For starters, I’ll be dividing each review based on my on liking, and ending it with something special at the very end. If I’m super duper lazy, I’ll make a video 😛

Unbiased HTC HD7 Review despite the review being sponsered by Maxis

Well, I am doing this review for the Maxis10 reviewer program, and it will be my unbiased review of the phone. With that said, first up is the most important part of any phone: physical attributes.

Let’s face it, an ugly phone will draw you away. No matter how much functions it boast, you will not want to spend money on it. Yep, looks definitely matters.


Ease of holding.

One thing I love about the HTC HD7 is the way it feels in your hands. It doesn’t feel fragile and cranky, but rather boast of a ‘confidence vibe’.

The beauty of the back

The back of the phone scores an amazing combination of durable looking plastic with metallic plates. This to me makes the back look amazingly stylish while at the same time not leaving out any smudges which you normally get to see on phones which use the attractive glossy casing.

Nice addition for easy navigation

The ‘home’ key is sensitive and placed strategically, and there’s a ‘Back’ and ‘Search’ button which are very functional.  If you have sweaty hands and always handle your phones with wet hands, this is the phone for you because there is no gaps on the screen.

Vibrant colours pleases the eye

A quick look at the display indeed pleased me. I’d normally prefer the usual ‘icon’ type display, but I guess the Windows Phone worked over typical, to present incredible. The replacements of icons were boxes, and were big enough to locate and read.  There goes the problems of small text. I bet this is also thanks to the 4.3 inch screen. The colour choice for screen display is customizable, but mostly featuring vibrant colours which were very very fresh.


The difficult to press buttons

On the negative side, the HTC HD7 has major problems with the power, magnifying and camera button which are all sticking out slightly from the phone. Despite sticking out, you need to have an extra special method to get them to function. In other words, you need to press them a little harder. I bet this is due to the slight inwards slant the phone has towards the front.

Notice the missing displays you normally see on a phone?

Probably being too creative resulted in Windows removing the top bar which normally houses the battery and network connection display. Although you could check these information when you unlock the phone, but it won’t be long before you realized that these information are vital during the whole use of the phone.

Apart from these two flaws, the phone is perfect physically to me.

So that’s all for the physical of the HTC HD7 phone. Next review would be on the software, camera, music and internal functions. Stay tuned all.


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