The HTC HD7: Sound, Touch & Texting


I prefer not to do a video post, but I can’t show you what the HTC HD7 has to offer in terms of sound, touch and texting by simply typing out the words.  With that said, here’s a short video on all these 4 features:

It took me over 6 hours to complete everything, and even then, I felt I could present myself better.

Will release another review in two more days, and it will most probably be in video too, despite having my reservations on making another video post.  Frankly speaking, the more I look at this video, the more I feel I would be a terrible newscaster, VJ or even an actor.

Oh well, next up, the HTC HD7 Camera features!


  1. Good try bro. But just a few things if you don’t mind be pointing out.

    Hasn’t the T9 dictionary while texting been around in iPhones and Android for a while bro? On the Samsung Galaxy S it’ll appear everytime you use the keyboard.

    I think when reviewing a gadget, it’s always good to have it as the main subject. But make sure you highlight what you are trying to promote, the phone or operating system. I see you talking about the main screen, texting and music player, which will be default in all the coming Windows Phone 7 phones from LG, Samsung and Dell. So those features will not be unique to the HTC HD7.

    One last thing, always have the gadget on close-up so viewers can focus on it. This also helps you not to show your face on the video, which I myself don’t like to do. The best people to learn from is the guys from

    I hope those tips will help bro. Looking forward to more reviews from you 🙂

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