the iPod Shuffle


iPod Shuffle

I don’t know why I finally decided to get the iPod.

I normally don’t get things just because others have them, but when I saw the price of the iPod shuffle over the Apple Online Store, with the ‘free’ laser engraving, and the ‘free’ shipping, I purchased it without much consideration.

Regret?? Uhh…. Not really.. but yeah, a tiny bit of me does say “I shouldn’t have.”

iPod Shuffle in the box

You see… the iPod Shuffle does come in this new sleek silvery design.  But it cost a whamming RM309 for a 4GB storage space.  Upon seeing the nice sleek design, I was tempted, but a storage space of 4GB @ RM309?? Who the hell need’s 4GB for storing songs??   At RM309, it seems unnecessary, and so I opted for the 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle which cost about RM189 for a 1GB storage space.  1GB is more than enough for me, and the design, well.. it works for me though I do wished the iPod I was buying had the ‘talking ability’.  But yeah… think practicality and saving..

So,  I was gleaming I should say.  After previously wanting an iPod Touch, or an iPhone…I can now say I have joined millions to be one of the owner of an Apple product, although it’s just the iPod Shuffle, Second generation.

I belong to Cyril Dason since Mac 2009

I love the idea of having a personalized engraving on this mini gadget, and so I wanted something unique and something personal.  Finally, I opted for these words; “I belong to Cyril Dason since Mac 2009“.  It’s lame and ordinary, but at the rate of my brain drain that day… it was what I could come up with.  Sadly, the word ‘Mac’ should have been March.  Damn!! Damn!! Damn!!  By the time I realized it, the iPod was already in KL, and there was nothing I could do to change it.   Told you I was doing something without much consideration.

Product Red on the iPod Shuffle

Anyway, I was very excited when I got the iPod, but soon.. all those feelings turned into regrets.  Why??

Well.. to input songs into the iPod, you need to install this software you call ‘iTunes’.  It’s a handy software, but I dislike installing a software which only functions for one device.  It’s a waste of space, and computer capability.  Then, there is this thing they call ‘synchronizing’ which really isn’t much help because it only allows one computer to input your songs into the iPod for best performance.  This sucks!  I have two computers, and it’s troublesome to use only one.

Then, the iPod only plays music.  Yep.  Only music.  No radio.  This sucks. I love listening to the radio.  Listening to just music can be boring you know… In addition to that, there is no volume equalizer, like changing the sound to have more bass, or to make it sharp etc.  Really, it’s like a device just meant to play music, and do nothing more!!  Uhhhgghh…. I should have got some other MP3 player which has the radio capability, and does away with those ‘specific’ software… but it’s done. I now have the iPod in my hands.

iPod Shuffle: Out of the box

Anyway, on a positive note, the iPod is all about quality.  It’s compact, and seems to be durable.  The cover is also made out of steel or aluminum, and not plastic.  The design is also pretty nice, and it is handy for jogging, or hiking or going somewhere because it is so light, and so puny, that you wouldn’t feel it’s around.  It also looks really nice and expensive(yet it is expensive). I have a good feeling the iPod will last for a long-long time.

So, my verdict?? Ermm… I’ve just thrown RM189 down the drain, because I can’t figure out when I will actually use the iPod, esspecially since I don’t jog, and I don’t go anywhere much these days.


  1. It definitely last you very long. Mine i got it in a competition (4GB), wanted to sell it but Babai wanted to have it for himself.

    Now it’s collecting dust on the dressing table .. sigh.. anybody want a secondhand IPod?

    [Cyril Dason]
    If I knew you’re selling your Ipod, I’d buy it from you!! I think RM50 also ok kan??

  2. iPod indeed is a quality MP3 player. Anyhow, if you’re not an avid MP3 fans, you should not have invested on iPod. Hahaha

    [Cyril Dason]
    I wanted it to accompany me somewhere, but regret buying it in the end.

  3. Been using my Touch for almost 2 years now. Very happy with it because it’s my entertainment pack to listen to music, watch movies & tv series, surf net, emailing from different mailboxes and some cool added applications. Did not regret it … it comes with me everywhere I go … when the wife is doing some shopping, I’ll be tucked somewhere accompanied by my Touch while waiting for her 😉

    [Cyril Dason]
    That’s why I want the Ipod Touch.. but its too pricey!! If it was around RM200, i’d get it in a second.. but yah.. Dream on Cyril.. dream on….

  4. Hemmm…as for me, I can’t find any reasons for having an I pod or an MP3 player. I don’t really listen to music. When i go out, I go out with my family, no waiting for wife to shop, but will be busy taking care of kids for her.

    Furthermore, I don’t find the music today is nice. Maybe I am old or maybe i hate the lyrics of todays’ songs. I don’t mind people call me “KoLot” about music or songs. I think people should respect my opinion if i say i don’t listen to music today right? But, I still prefer music in the 80s. Hehehe…

    But then, I love surfing the net and playing computer games. Probably, instead of IpoD, I should get a PSP, because i can surf the net and also play games.

    Why not you try to sell your Ipod to your friends?

    [Cyril Dason]
    Can’t sell it to anyone coz I have already engraved the ipod. Anyway, I also normally don’t use an ipod, or an mp3 player, but I thought I needed it for the journey by bus for my BTN. But.. I didn’t need it after all, since the bus played music through the journey.

  5. plugging ur ears? not a good habit and cud be hazardous to ur hearing in the long-term. and cud cause underproductiveness.

    but then again, it’s probably the envious me speaking. hehe. tho id rather blast the music thru my car radio while beating the speed-limit.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Trust me, I do the same thing you do, and I prefer listening to music via speakers than headphones.

  6. Now that I’ve read your post, I’m asking WHY too. Haha…I never plan on getting an ipod. Any mp3 player will do. (But if someone throws me a very cheap2 one I might consider. LOL!) Now I’m looking for a phone that i can surf the net on, blog and check emails, use to take pics and has lotsa memory space. Any suggestions?

    [Cyril Dason]
    If you can afford the iPhone.. then that’s my suggestion!!

  7. hello cikgu:)

    how did u do got the “I belong to Cyril Dason since Mac 2009“?

    please advise.


    Hi Ramzee… well, to get the engraving, you have to order your device online. It’s sort of a promotion, so you can’t get the engraving if you purchase the product locally.


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