The Irony of Earth Hour


The irony of Earth Hour is what I’m talking about here.

Pick which is the better Earth Hour celebration:

Get in your car, drive to a party location, drink a beverage which needs you to keep cold/warm, and then drive back home after the party.  Oh, you and the crowd turn of the lights for an hour at 8:30pm and dance away after 9:30pm with music coming from a 300watt speaker.

Stay indoors, shut the light for an hour when the clock strikes 8:30pm. Car stays in the porch. Lights back on at 9:30pm.

Seriously, Option A is very tempting… but considering the reason behind Earth Hour, is it really appropriate?

I’m not trying to be too analytical here, but it does seem that those doing option A will be spending more energy than conserving it.

Well, you guys can always opt for OPTION C which goes: WALK TO a party location, drink PLAIN WATER which is not cold or hot. Switch the LIGHTS OFF from 8:30pm to mark Earth Hour, and WALK BACK home after the party. And yeah.. all performance will be in the accapella version only, and we’d have sing along to songs.

Yeah right, like any one of us is gonna be walking…

I’m staying at home, with house lights all turned off for 60mins when the clock strikes 8:30pm. Might as well be naked that whole time cause it would be too dark to even see a thing, plus it’s hot nowadays. Yeah, I’m in full support of Earth Hour.

My website will be also closed during that time. Happy Earth Hour, and everything starts somewhere so why not start from here. Celebrate Earth Hour by turning off a switch tonight from 8:30-9:30pm. It’s a small gesture which brings huge meaning.


  1. Sit doggy, sit. Woof!

    Agreed. Why consume more energy when the grand purpose is to conserve?

    Unfortunately, to spread the news is to increase the hype, and nothing hooks quite as well as the word ‘party’.

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