The Journey Is The Destination: Mukah


It was a long day. Indeed, was a long journey too. I woke up at 6:30AM, had over 280 minutes of class, sent in my claim form for ‘a thing’ I did last Sunday, attended to an ICT related problem at work and sent a package to Amiey after class, before embarking on my journey to the airport to catch a MASWings flight to Sibu.

Reached the Kuching International a little before 3:30PM, checked-in, and saw I was suppose to board at 3:55PM. Decided to ditch my plans to hang out at Starbucks, and just enter the departure lounge as I figured 3:30PM to 3:55PM isn’t THAT long.

I was wrong. I only boarded at 4:20PM amid signs there would be a thunderstorm in Kuching. The 50 minute wait was a painful one. My phone battery was running low, and I misplaced my iPod, resulting in nothing to do while in the departure lounge. I was boarding at Gate R (the last gate in the airport) which catered for MASWings only. Nothing to see, and nobody to see. My eyes started to be heavy, and my brain was singing ‘headache’. 50 minutes may not be long, but waiting without doing nothing but stare at my feet gave me a good idea what I should do next time. I wonder why the boarding time on the pass was so early?

Anyway, I arrive on the dot in Sibu where I was greeted by Nazlan. He introduced me to Khalik, and told me I had another 2 hours left of my journey to Mukah. Long ride indeed. Well, it didn’t take that long because Nazlan is also a blogger and we shared stories along the way. It’s always interesting to get insights from other people. I even just found out that Mukah is actually near the sea side! (pardon my lack of Geography)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we decided to have dinner first before checking me into the hotel. The dinner consist of the yummiest Umai I’ve ever tasted! Hell yeah! I guess like dear old Laksa Sarawak, Umai taste best at it’s home town, which is none other than Mukah. Home to the Melanaus.

Checking into the Kingwood Hotel was a breeze, and it was indeed a super delight to see the hotel room prepared for me:

Broadband comes free, but I needed to rent the cable for RM5. Oh well, I can’t really live without Internet nowadays, so might as well.

Tomorrow starts an exciting journey as I share what I can with those in Mukah. To be honest, I’m a little bit nervous, and THIS POST was suppose to be a brief and short one. I wonder how it ended this long? LOL…

Anyway, my journey to Mukah until now has been a learning experience, just like my blog theme; ‘the journey is the destination‘.  More on what I was doing in Mukah to come soon…

NOTE: Photos in this post have been deleted due to technical issues with the server in the past.



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