The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

So I finally watched the second installment of The Maze Runner entitled ‘The Scorch Trials’.

Finding time to watch movies nowadays is a bit more difficult with work piling up and Carissa isn’t big enough to enjoy movies just yet.

However, after 3 weeks since The Maze Runner was released, I’ve finally had time to catch it with my wife.

The movie itself isn’t as bad as I figured (after hearing all the reviews) but I did feel that it had a mixture of Resident Evil as it features ‘zombie like creatures’, and perhaps a slight touch of the Hunger Games where there is a resistance alliance.  At some point, there was glimmers of the movie Divergent too!

Without trying to give you much poilers here, the movie basically revolves around an experiment to keep humans alive from a deadly disease with one group known as ‘WICKED’ doing it at the expense of humans.

The hero in this movie, known as Thomas (Played y Dylan O’Brien), is somehow part of WICKED, but had turned his back on them, and decided to join the resistance alliance which doesn’t believe killing humans is the way to find a cure to this disease.

In between the resistance alliance and WICKED, lives those whom have ‘turned’ into zombie like creatures.  These creatures somehow attack people for no reason and just love plucking out their eye balls the moment they ‘turn’.  To be precise, their make-up does not differ much from the ones you see in The Walking Dead.

Though I found the movie entertaining, several scenes were quite ridiculous to me. On in particular was the fact that there could be a place like a market, despite the existence of those zombies who do not fear light. Another scene also puzzled me because Thomas and Brenda (played by Rosa Salazar) decided to check out what obviously looked like the nest of these zombie like creatures, knowing that the route out was just a few steps away!

While the first installment of The Maze Runner was interesting, this second one come along a bit typical for me.

Not sure if any of you agree with me, but I felt probably more could be done to make this movie more ‘maze running’.

Anyway, if you are looking to watch a Halloween flick minus the ghost, or perhaps you miss Resident Evil, then this one is definitely for you!

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