The Memorable Moment

One of the most unforgettable moments during my recent trip to the Peninsular of Malaysia is somewhat unique.

Justin, Fahriee and I were walking towards the A Famosa by foot, and we were commenting about how the becas in Melaka were a little ‘off’.

The reason was that these becas (in Melaka) are a far cry from those found in Georgetown. Georgetown’s beca are quiet, and it is a norm to see the peddlers giving their tourist a good round of information about Georgetown while they cycled you around. It’s like a small tour bus, with your personal guide.

Now, the becas in Melaka are more modern, if that is how you would like to put it. While they are decorated better than their counterparts in Georgetown, they also seem to have the ability to blast loud music which normally includes the most popular billboard hits. If you get your luck right, you might end up with a peddler willing to shout out at you (with loud music on, what do you expect?) trying to explain Melaka’s history while you get on a RM30 ride, but if you are not lucky… you get a ride on a beca (Full stop!).

So, there we were, four guys chatting away while moving towards A Famosa. Right in front of the UMNO Museum, a bunch of becas passed us by with their loud music, and their passengers in their seats. We couldn’t be bothered until this one particular beca which had two girls in it passed us.

The girls caught us by surprise when they started to put their arms in the air, and started making gestures like they were in a club enjoying music while both of them sang “Yo!! Yo!!” to the song “In da Club” by 50cents which happened to be playing in their beca!! (something like cucuk langit la)

Our immediate response was a loud and good “WWWoooooooooo….“, and we were so caught up at the moment that we forgot to capture their images as they whisked away in their beca.

Well, this post is rather pointless, but I am very glad to see such ‘sporting’ people around. It makes Malaysia roll, and I can’t help but smile whenever I remind myself of the whole incident. Any memorable incidents you remember in a foreign land anyone?

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