The Official Opening of The Global Malaysian Business Forum

The Borneo Convention Center Kuching

Imaging the feeling when you realize people of huge stature staring straight at you, probably wondering “Who the hell are these guys?“.

Well, that’s just what happened at the official opening of the Global Malaysian Business Forum (GMBF) at the Borneo Convention Centre (BCCK) last night. Probably the most well dressed media in the venue, Amiey, Norman, Fahriee and I were seated at the back corner at the media table to experience the whole opening of the GMBF first hand.

The Sarawak welcome dance

Prior to that night, we had a good talk with Anne and Lilyana and so it more than just a courtesy call to come up to them and say ‘Hi!’ when they walked into the room… and that’s when people started staring =)

Although it did seem a little awkward at the beginning having only 4 of us covering this event, but it turned out to be a fantastic day with so many memorable things to remember. For starters, we met a gorgeous girl, in black, at the entrance of the hall whom turned out to be Ameline. She was equally surprised to see us at the GMBF Opening, and hence decided to join our table when the whole event started, basically to catch up with old times or rather; times at the RWMF this year, and apart from doing some small gossiping.

Fahriee & Ameiy at the media table

Secondly, the local journalist thought we were reporters from ‘overseas’ (form the West-lah) probably due to our dressing. But, as they started to realized that we were local bloggers, conversations started to beef up, and new connections were gained. The two most prominent journalist I could remember were Veness and also Ghaz from the Borneo Post.

I personally think, Datuk George Chan made Fahriee’s day when he actually paused for a moment during his walk out, and blurted to Fahriee: “Hey, I like your hair!”.

The Sarawak CM walking out

As usual, event’s like this had speeches and the Defense Minister of Bosnia praise Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole for being a very good model of unification in so many ways. He also said that he feels that Bosnia is a good ‘slingshot’ for Malaysia to penetrate other European markets. In return, the CM thanked all those involved for organizing such an illustrious event here in Kuching, and expressed his desire to see more investors most particularly Bosnian companies to look into investing in Sarawak and SCORE. The CM in his speech stressed on the Halal Hub developed under SCORE and the fact that the corridor is now a major investor magnet to Sarawak.

The whole thing lasted till 11pm, and we then went to Siang Siang BDC with Liliyana for a quick supper before driving home. Regardless what others think, I feel that the whole GMBF is a good exposure for a humble blogger or citizen like I am, and I see it as a good opportunity to increase networking and my personal experience on issues concerning Malaysia and Bosnia. I’m so looking forward to the next few days =)

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