The People Hub


One of the most significant difference about the HTC HD7 which runs on the Windows Phone operating system is the People Hub.

I took some time to understand what ‘The People Hub’ meant, but after a while, I realized that it was all about connecting friends, your social online network, and how you communicate with your contacts.

As a matter of fact, this feature doesn’t need a rocket scientist to understand. In lay mans words it would go “Connect with everyone at one touch with one device”.  I bet that gives more than you need to know 😉

So what makes this feature special?

For one thing, you get to link your Facebook buddies to your phonebook and this means no more photo-less friends in your phone. In other phones, you have to upload an individual photo, and that takes time and your phone storage space. With the easy sync between your phone book and Facebook, your friends do the photo uploading, while you get to recognize who’s calling.

Another wonderful feature of the People Hub is its ability to also grab instant updates from your friends on Facebook.  This enables instant updates on your friends activities, and quick response to these updates from you! Oh yeah… It’s like tweeting, but better.

Last but not list is the fact that you can get all contact details of your friend by just tapping, and that makes contacting your friend something better than a breeze.

So, the people’s hub, is actually your hub… Read more latest reviews on the HTC HD7 by the rest of the Maxis10 crew at the links below:


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