The Photo-Enthusiast Day Out


I don’t own a DSLR, but I have plans to get one in a few more years 😛 Don’t ask why I’m planning it for ‘years’ and not ‘months’ as before.  To put it plain and simple, I’m prioritizing.

Anyway, the photo-enthusiast day out organized by The Reptozian Online was something I really enjoyed.  The event was hugely supported by Sarawak Bloggers and it aims to help photo-enthusiast share knowledge and skills.  Despite being the only one with a DigiCam, and the only one in blue, everything went well as we learned and created new moves on how ‘stuff’ could be done.  This includes ‘the wind effect‘ we came up with, which I bet would make anyone looking at us laugh. Crap, while writing this, I just can’t contain my smile.

Our ‘ad-hoc’ model was Raula, and she didn’t disappoint with her ‘model-pose’ although at some point I felt she was just like a Canon DSLR promoter calling out to me to get one… 😛

Well, here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure:

I know, it’s not really what you’d expect from a ‘photo-shoot’… but it is my first time making portrait shots, and I was only using my DigiCam…  As usual, I suck at photoshop, and so… all the photos here are not-edited (except for re-sizing and putting in my watermark).


  1. Robin:
    We will.. 🙂 Kind of addicted to it already..hahaha

    Nono Fara:
    People have been saying that to me alot 🙂 and you shot a wedding in a PNS cam? WOW!! Btw, I love your photos… and yea, of course I know u 🙂

  2. Hello to you 😉

    I think you know me 😛 LOL.

    Talking about camera, well the thing is it is not the camera that count you know. But the person who is behind it. So what if you’re using a point and shoot camera (pns) or famously known as compact camera! I started with compact too before I get myself a DSLR. And fyi, I did cover a wedding using Nikon S210! So, dont underestimate your gear okayh!

    Here’s something not really related that worth to share 🙂

  3. This is not my line, I stole it from
    “You don’t meet a published author and say “Hey I read your book, it was really good – what typewriter did you use?”

    The bottomline is, all that matters would be the photographer.

    You guys should do this more often !!

  4. KeeMan & Chegu Carol:
    I hope so, but its gonna take a while.

    Well, maybe next time when we have another.. 🙂

    Yes, agreed!

    Hehehe… DSLR sik lari, cuma makin mahal.. haha

    Teehee.. Thats what most people say.. and I actually agree.

    Thanks for the showcase Anne. Appreciate it 🙂

  5. you’re in the right track dude. start with a digicam then later upgrade to dslr so no worries, stick to your prioritize list 1st.

    takkan lari gunung dikejar and same goes with takkan lari dslr dikejar, cukup modal angkat lah satu huhuhu… 🙂

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