The Photo Shoot


Willie preparing for the photo shoot.

Some time ago, Willie invited Amiey and I for a photo shoot to enhance his portfolio. I was delighted to agree to Willie’s request, and soon a date was chosen.

Anyway, I was nervous with the photo shot to be honest. I never pictured myself as someone whom would pose for the camera. When I was little, I had the least photos in the photo album, mainly because I was very extremely camera shy. As I grew older, my interest into photography grew (proof would be the photos I’ve taken of scenes around me), but I am still quite reluctant to take photos. If I did have photos of myself, I’d prefer others not see it. I think it’s got to be something to do with my self-confidence, and the pure fact that I do feel I look undesirable on photos.

But, yeah.. you are not reading this to know about my long-long time stories. You’re here to read on my current well-beings, and what happened during the photo shoot with Willie. For starters, I regard photo shoots as ‘camwhoring’. The only difference is, ‘photo shoots’ are for those using those expensive SLRs, while ‘camwhoring’ is for those using ‘point and shoot’ cameras minicams. So, in Willie’s case, it was a photo shoot, and not camwhoring, despite both being similar. Ahh.. here I go again. Explaining what should not be explained.. I’ve got to stop this bullshit I keep on saying. Seriously!

Private camwhore session after the photo shoot.

So, last Saturday was the date of the photo shoot, and Willie suggested the DBKU park. He told me before hand that he would be bringing along a professional photographer, and also a friend. I’ve been to the DBKU park a few times, and I can say that it is the best place to relax and enjoy some private time alone. The view is nothing short of stunning, and it gives you a great view of Kuching. Too bad it’s only open until 5:30pm daily. It would certainly make a perfect place to view Kuching at night!

Willie & Frankie making their shot

The whole photo shoot started at 9:30am. Amiey and I arrived at 9:15am after having breakfast at Chilipeppers. Since I’ve never modeled before, I felt awkward having people making me the main subject of their lenses. Although Frankie of bello photography kept saying “Be natural.“, I felt otherwise. The fact that Frankie kept asking me to look up and adjust my chin didn’t help. I think I was as stiff as a wooden plank, and the photos will not turn out great. Deep down, I felt that Willie must have regretted asking Amiey and I to be his models.

Indeed, being a so called ‘model’ wasn’t easy. At some point, Frankie saw me sweat, and took out some tissues, asking me to wipe my sweat by daping the tissue on my face. I was “Why dap?” and he explained that it had something to do with tissue fibres getting stuck on the face. I went “oOOooo…” as I knew that I was really novice in photography, and that must be one of the few ‘bonus‘ questions.

A photo taken by Amiey

After the individual shots, we took a break. Frankie took the opportunity to tell me why he always asked me to look up during the shoots. Yahh.. I always looked down, and I guess that is a clear reflection of my lack of self-confidence in taking photos of myself. His explanation was clear and it made me understand more on why he wanted me to do stuff I normally don’t do during photo taking. In my heart, I was going “Now he tells me..“, but hell, better to know now, than never, right? He also told me they do provide services like creating a photo love storyline on how couples met up, and documenting it into a slide show or photo books. I find this refreshing as I always thought that photography services only cater for weddings, families, and individuals.

Photo taken by Willie

Truthfully, modelling ain’t easy. It was tiring, but at the same time very enjoyable.  Despite the awkwardness, I honestly feel that the experience was golden, and that I wouldn’t mind doing it again, and again..and again. Nevertheless, thanks to Willie and Bello Photography for the chance.  I’m looking forward to see the photo you guys captured!


  1. Nice camera body and lens. And nice shots too. 🙂

    It’s not my camera and my shots, but on behalf of the photographers.. Thanks =D

  2. Modelling is not an easy task !!! But of course, with the help of the photographers, things could work alright.
    Do not worry, let the photographers do the job. Just relax, and important thing, ENJOY the session !!!

    Yeah.. I finally know how hard it is to be a model. I can’t imaging the photographer.

  3. amiey is a natural and have a sweet smile.. dont worry bro, u can improve by more practise. u already got the looks, only need to polish the technique, .. learn from amiey.. 😀

    Shall be learning from the ‘sifu’..hehehe

  4. i like to pose for cameras 😀 …but of course posing for a planned photo shoot is different with posing suka2.

    sweet pic, the last one.

    Hahah.. yeah.. I though so too.. anyway, you are also a great photographer in the making. I can say, I love your shots!

  5. Only 3? More lah! Hehehe… wei, susahlah wana see this post. Cuz your page won’t load. Hahaha… lucky I got all the time in the world to do this. 😛

    The photos above are mostly taken by Amiey or myself. The last photo is the one taken by them. ANyway, I noticed the loading issue. Will look into improving it really soon.

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