The Power Window

Proton claimed that their power windows are now better with zero defects and vast improvements.

Funny fact: After two glorious years, I now can wind down my window, but I can’t put it back up. Well, I can… but it take’s extra effort.

I don’t wind down my windows that often, so I am actually puzzled because people say ‘to keep the Proton power windows intact and lasting, use it less‘. Practically, it sounds like a good idea because the less wear, the less tear, right?  But I don’t wind down my windows because there’s this invention call ‘car air conditioning’ which I must have switched on when i go in my car, and it’s not because of that saying.  After all, I bought a car for use, not for show.  So, what gives?

Well, since I bought my car prior to the announcement of the ‘lifetime warranty’ for Proton power windows, I may not be eligible to use that ‘lifetime warranty offer’ but I’m bringing my car for a quick check up anyway, and I hope the repairs will fix this ‘powerless windows’.  No lifetime warranty means less money in my wallet =(

Zero defects my ass…

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