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Once and a while, I do tend to talk about cars in my blog, most particularly about national car manufacturer, Proton and Perodua.  Not that I think they are good enough, but it’s rather because of my pride of being a Malaysian, and I do feel a little sense of joy when they do get things right.  One in particular was when they Proton introduced the very affordable SAGA BLM which I currently own.  Another was the fantastic driving experience I had with the Perodua MyVi which my sister has purchase.

Well, design wise, Proton hasn’t been that bad, although they are lagging behind the ‘giants’ of the automotive industry.  Even if you are a die hard fan or Proton and Perodua, you’d have no choice to admit that cars like Honda City, Toyota Camry and Suzuki Swift are far way better shaped that Proton and Perodua’s latest models.  I think it’s probably due to the fact that Proton design engineers are so concern about space and price that their final designs have lacked it’s ‘fire’.

Take a look at the Exora and Alga Alza and you’d just have this feeling that these cars are similar to others produced by some other manufacturer.  The only thing that makes the Exora, an Exora is it’s fat ass (which I do not admire at all), and as for the Alza, it’s just a sedan version of the MyVi.  Serious lack of ideas indeed.

But I’ve got to know that Proton is showcasing a hybrid concept car in Geneva on March 2, and the model doesn’t look like a Proton car at all.  Now, feast your eyes on this:

I don’t know what you guys think of it, but I feel that it looks like an angry bulldog.  Nevertheless, I like this design.  It looks sort of like the Smart Mini Car, but better. BUT WAIT! Don’t jump of joy yet because this is only a concept car, which normally is a little, okay… hugely different from the actual car which would be produced.  In fact, concept cars rarely get sold and are widely used for show only, but in my books, this is a good start fro Proton.

I guess, Proton is starting to make better designed cars.  The only problem now is the name they choose for it because names like SAGA BLM (Base-Line Model), Wira, Gen.2, Waja, Perdana etc just don’t really make the cut.  Need I say more about the Alga Alza produced by Perodua?  What a hideous name.

Got anything to say on the new Proton hybrid concept car? It’s half Italian you know, maybe that’s why it looks so different.


  1. i dont really mind the name as long as it doesnt sound as if it is badly cursing. 🙂

    Yep, at the end of the day, it is the car itself which we use… but commercially talking.. name plays a very important part. Just like the iPad.. it’s a laughing stock now.

  2. you were right. it does look like a smart car. I wouldnt wanna get that tho it’s hybrid. I’d go for Toyota Prius anytime should I plan to have one of those type.

    I gave Perodua a chance to change my life. Not once, but twice, cause I’m a proud owner of Kancil(once) and Myvi..It treats me good, so far..Proton? kinda dig the Exora, I like the design.. and my man told me Proton PErdana is still his best car investment so far..

    Prius is not in the same league of proton.. but I relly like the Satria Neo 🙂

  3. They dont make them like they used to. The old Satria, the old Wira, the old Waja… those are the best kind! Exora? a poor excuse for an MPV… but ok also lah, for that price however, Perodua is still the best opt.

    btw, you’ve been tagged!! check it out.

    Yes, Perodua is better.. and Exora isn’t up to the mark lah..

  4. It’s a commendable effort by Proton in achieving new heights. The local market is hungry for innovation thanks to foreign inventions and offerings. Proton is reaching its big 3-0 and it is time that they go on full throttle. The latest appointment of BVR Subbu as director in Proton is testament that the carmaker is serious in venturing to India and competing in that booming auto market. Kudos to Proton!

    Yes. They are moving in the right way. Kudos to them, and thnk you for reading my post Andy.


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