The ‘Proton Inspira’, Now That’s A Name!


Probably taking the Malay version of the word ‘Inspire’, which is ‘Inspirasi’… Proton has decided to name their latest car ‘Inspira’. The car, which has been touted to be the replacement model of the Waja is based on the Mitsubishi Lancer GT, but reports suggest that it has been tweaked favorably to match local taste, while at the same time boast better enhancements if compared to the Lancer itself.  I know, some of you are still very skeptical over Proton’s production line, but take it from a Proton SAGA BLM (S16 in Australia) model owner… they are improving.  You can read my review of the SAGA here. (I think I should do another review after almost two years driving the car)

I can’t talk much about the new car until the official launch, but for now, the car does look impressive, or even better than previous ‘spy shot images’. In fact, I love the name ‘Inspira’ which isn’t too ‘foreign’ or ‘local’. It sounds modern and promising to me. So much different than ‘ALGA’ Oppsss…. I mean ALZA.  Anyway, the Inspira is expected to burn around RM80k in your bank accounts if you do decide to snatch it up.  Well, on a sarcastic note, ‘Inspira’ probably does mean ‘Inspired by Mitsubishi Lancer’.

Anyway, anyone notice something when mentioning Proton’s new line of car model names? No? Try reading here: SAGA, PERSONA, SATRIA, EXORA and now the INSPIRA. Notice how you always end up saying ‘AAAAaaaa’ at the end when mentioning Proton’s new models? Still no?? Ahh.. maybe it’s just me 😛

I will talk more on the car after I see it first hand at a Proton show room after November, 10th.

Till then, what inspires you????  ‘Inspiraaaaaaa……

Man, I love the name… hahahah…


  1. It’s not just inspired by Mitsubishi Lancer, it’s a Mitsubishi Lancer with a different name!

    I really pity the current Lancer owners. “Hey bro, I know you got a Proton la don’t tipu me you just tukar the badge and bodykit to Lancer!”

  2. 25 years in the industry n still cant come out with own idea ..disgrace.. lower down ur taxes so we can buy european cars hidup bumi’s

    • Exactly… I hope they improve. Not because they are the national car, but because they offer better price. Funny how people complaint about Proton re-badging this car yet no one complaints about Perodua doing the same. I think re-badging benefits the consumer.

  3. The name sounds ok but lancer design? Hmmm…. not that inspiring actually, maybe those who inspired by it just those at proton’s designing room, inspired to be less cracking their head to think of new design and just copy and paste. But should we shout like “Whoa I’m proud as a malaysian, we have Lancer-look-alike car as our national car!!” nahhhh not me :p

    • LOL… Well bro, I believe its cost related. If I take my robotics programme for example. Building something new is time consuming and difficult, and costly because we have to make something new. However, if you just re-design, its easy, cheap and we have a better product. Anyway, look at it this way, you get a better car at a lower cost 😛 I’d buy.. IF I HAD THE MONEY.

      • You’re right about cost related and time consuming, we look to that at most of the time and in positive perspective yes it is a better car at lower cost 🙂

        I’d rather buy vios or city if i had money to buy that proton inspira :p Anyway, not that I’m not supporting the national car (and I still is relying on my perodua, thanks to the national car protection policy), but if the price of this inspira will be around RM80k then something have been reduced from it, (Lancer GT itself cost around RM120k, and using 2.0 cc MIVEC’s engine). Maybe if they put campro engine or other malaysian made engine in it should it be better than MIVEC’s? :p It seems like it’s not just re-badging, seems like they only buy the body kit hehehe Anyway, most of our national cars are the same though, re-badging and re-desinged, not a big problem, the big problem is the protection policy, bad for rakyat hehehehe.

        • Inspira comes with Mitsubishi engine bro. The only thing they changed is the body 😛 From what I understand, Mitsubishi only allowed them to change the bumper, suspension and badge.

  4. Nostalgic! I bought the first batch of WIRA’s in the 1990’s And when I received my car and opened the hood to check, I was greeted by the Mitsubishi logo it laying on top of the engine block! What a pleasant surprise. The WIRA has a Mit engine!! So if this INSPIRA also comes with a MIT engine I’ll buy!

  5. if lets say malaysia dont produce cars and we buy imported cars without tax and duty… i belive as a costomer we get better quality cars and full of safety spec that we can rely on a price lower than proton cars…. i m sorry… please dont take this comment as negative element..but take it as a challange to make protonn better car..

    • of course!! if the import tax is lowered, we will benefit.. but yalah.. i dont expect the government to lower taxes on imported cars anytime soon, but on positive note.. Proton is improving.

    • I would go for Inspira considering that it is not a Malaysian car. Well, just a personal thought, the longer you loan, the more the bank earns and the more you loss.. I would go for a shorter loan, or maybe get a Saga FL =)

      For me, a car is a car which takes you from one point to the other. THe Saga isn’t bad either. I’m driving one.


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