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The random stuff

By many means, this weekend has been nothing short of eventful.  It was Halloween, and mixing that up other events, I can say that it was kind of a busy week.  Before I go on, please note that this post was typed on Sunday (2nd Nov 2009), but I didn’t have time to publish it and put in photos; hence the delay.

For starters, I had a meeting last Monday. It lasted for a good 3 hours (finished at 4:30pm) with me saying “No problem” and giving everyone a thumbs up as a gesture that I will do what was asked.  Also did explain on how my PC is so ‘kuno’ that it takes like hours to publish a movie.  Yahhh, that explanation actually took about 2 minutes, and that’s all I said during the whole meeting.  Not grumbling, but that’s what happens in most meetings I attend so far.  In some cases, I just give them a thumbs up, and the meeting carries on after that.  Sometimes I wonder myself about why I was actually asked to attend the meeting when all I can do is just that.

The Holy Rosary

Since my timetable on Tuesday is horrific, having 8 out of the 10 class slots allocated, I had a packed day and was largely ‘flat’ by the time I reached home.  Spent the rest of the day recuperating on the loss of my energy.  That night, my dad text-ed me asking me to come back home on Wednesday for the Rosary prayer. So, on Wednesday, at about 4pm, I was at my parents busy helping out prepare the house for the praying-eating session.  I was in-charge of drinks, and cencalok.. hahahha.. Yeah, I don’t cook that well ba.. That’s the closest my sister will allow me near the ‘kuali’. Anyway, that same night, I was also informed that one of my cousin died.

So, on Thursday, I drove all the way to Serian after work (I can’t get leave if it’s not an immediate member’s death) to my cousins house.  Yeah, of course I missed the funeral service because I arrived at after 3pm (I finish work at 2:20pm), and they had the service at 11am.  Spent about an hour there before proceeding to my grandma’s for a quick visit before driving back home.  I was pretty exhausted that day, and found myself sleeping with the lights, TV and computer still on the next morning.

Seth, Dan & Yu Li

Friday came with Kenny’s Level Up Fitness grand opening.  I wanted to come, but I had to work.  Nonetheless, night came and I already had plans to meet up with Dan, Imelda and Yi Li whom was in town for the opening of Kenny‘s gym.  Fahriee, Mike, Amiey, Willie, Seth and Norman joined us for dinner at Topspot.  Despite the over-priced food, and the below-average food we had (the food didn’t taste like it used to, and was waayy below average.. I don’t know why), the session proved to be memorable with a lot to share.  In fact, we finished dinner slightly above 11am, and we didn’t realize time flying by until the workers started cleaning nearby tables, and packing up chairs and table.  (Malaysian style method of getting rid of customers).  On another note, Dan suggested a Kuching bloggers gathering, or rather a Sarawak Bloggers Gathering in 2010.  Will it happen? Well, maybe. I’ll say more when there are more confirmed stuff.

The finshed laksa add-on

On Saturday, had some official errands to get done in the morning.  By right, I wanted to join Dan and the gang scouting for laksa, but decided to re-confirm my participation if I could make it.  Well, turns out I made the correct call because I was only free after 12pm, and that was already lunch.  If I’d promised to join them for breakfast, I’m pretty sure Dan and the gang would be left starving while waiting for me to come.  I eventually had laksa with Amiey at Satok.  As night came, I figured about Halloween.  At the beginning, I thought of dressing up, but due to last minute decisions, I decided to skip all the parties, and just have a nice evening chat with Dan and the gang at the Junk before chilling out at Picadillies for another short session.

As Sunday emerged, I stayed home the whole day.  Did some office work, and slept like a huge big pig.  I’m not sure what’s in store for this week, but next week is the GlobalMalaysianForum.  I know, this is a very long, and kind of boring post… but regardless of that, the the meeting with Dan and gang  was very very much pleasing that I wish I could do it again.  Like they say: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and I’ve been working my ass out these few days, and chilling out with fellow bloggers is just something I really needed.

Kind of busy with school term coming to a close… so, please forgive my ‘blurred’ or rather random updates.  I actually checked this post 5 times tonight and corrected quite a number of mistakes.  I’m totally loosing it.. I mean my time for blogging *sigh*


  1. Hello Cyril,

    Finally some news from you. The dinner at topspot was meaningful. According to Daniel the food there is cheap as compared to KL. But of course, we as Kuchingians know the price is expensive than other places. Have you tried other stalls over there? The stall that night was new to me. I usually go to the one near the entrance.

    Have a nice day.

    Yeah.. Finally, kind of busy ba. I havent tried other stalls, but I will make it a point to do so in the future.

  2. It’s the simple meetings that made everything worthwhile. I had fun with all of you, though I felt there was not enough time for us to chat as Mel & I were drained.

    I’m really keen on the Sarawakian Bloggers Gathering next year, and I will do all I can to help from here. 🙂

    We need to decide the venue and date soon. You have anyone in mind to form the committee?

    Nice meeting you guys too Dan. Yeah.. Sure thing.. I think, on the committee… we have to ask around on who is willing to be in. Duriing the school holidays, we could do all this.. =)

  3. If Dan said he’s willing to help, you will be assured that the Swakian Bloggers Gathering gonna be materialized. And with Kenny Sia being a celebrity blogger, I think it’s gonna be an awesome event.

    Well, I am crossing my fingers for this event. Dan’s experience would definitely be an added advantage.=)


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