The Road of Hell


Fahriee reported that his house was broken into over 3 times now, and soon the road below will connect his area (which is basically the area of Kampung Semariang/Depo/SMK Semerah Padi) to my side of town, which is known as the E-Mart and Matang Jaya area.

The road linking SMK Semerah Padi to SMK Matang Jaya.

While I’m NOT saying that everyone living in Fahriee’s area is bad, but that area has got quite a status for being quite notorious particularly when it comes to house burglary and theft. There has also been reports of a high number of drug addicts and glue sniffers which I believe is key to the increased crime rate.

But anyway, the road is good to reduce congestion at the Petra Jaya roundabout which is considered among the worst jammed road in Kuching during peak hours. It will also reduce the time to move from Matang jaya to Damai and Semariang, while enable people in that area to access shops and amenities in Matang Jaya.

I just hope the road will not turn into the ‘road of hell’ by helping in escalating crime in Matang Jaya. Therefore, I feel there is a need for the police to patrol this up-coming town more often to curb such unwanted incidents. Better still, build a police station in Matang Jaya. It is after all, about time.


  1. Hahaha…jaga cyril, nanti migrate penjahat tu bah…i agree that a police station should be built there.

    My school pun teruk. Sarang kejahatan bah.

  2. It’s time to set up neighbourhood watch like in my area. We have RELA personnels patrolling every night together with local AJK. RELA have shotguns too.


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