The Sarawak Bloggers Talk


Willie came up with this idea to make a simple talk about PHOTOGRAPHY, SARAWAK BLOGGERS AND BLOG MONETIZING, and asked if I could speak on the Sarawak Bloggers and the foundations of the community.

Well, it wasn’t hard for me to agree because I saw this as a networking platform which will help bloggers learn something. More amazingly, Willie managed to get Alvin Leong in to give some insight on how to capture better images with your camera, and hence increasing your photography skills. Now, Alvin Leong is well known in Malaysia for being the best in his field, and he has a photography academy which makes the fee of RM10 to attend this limited 50-seats session a must come!

If you want details, check the poster below:

you could go here for more information.

Note that this event is organized by and is fully supported by Sarawak Bloggers.

I am also in talks with some groups to have a huge conference in November, but I’ll release details when the time comes.

Until then, help me help children fight cancer. Donate to make me Go Bald! Details here.


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