The Sarawak Wish List


The Sarawak Wish List or #swkwish which Sarawak Bloggers is organizing from now until 8th April 2011 is a collective project undertaken to show what the people on the ground wants.
The whole inspiration of such a project came due to the fact a lot of leaders, regardless of who they are, tend to assume what the people want, but then again fail to actually realize what the people really want from those in charge. Yes, of course some are just plain ignorant when it comes to knowing the needs of the people, but with elections just around the corner, I believe they are listening more attentively.

The survey does not include solutions or anything more, because we can’t go to that extend yet, plus we all do it out of passion and love of Sarawak.

I have full confidence that the wish list will be well received by every party, and it is the first step for Sarawak Bloggers to actually help in being actively involved in building a better Sarawak.  I know, the method getting such list may not seem proper or is less organized, but it’s a start, particularly when you consider the fact that we are all doing it for nothing in return, but to see our small voices being heard.

If you ask what does the Sarawak Bloggers coordinating team get from this project? Well, honestly, we get satisfaction of being able to bring what Sarawakians want for a better Sarawak. So what are you waiting for? Check out this post for more details. Let’s make our voices heard!


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