The Signal Light


God gave man a brain, and with that, man was given wisdom.  With wisdom, man created the signal light.  A simple device which functions with a flick of a small pole/button, ‘up’ to signal right, and ‘down’ to signal left.

The function of this signal light is to inform other human beings which share the road about our intentions, as we humans can’t read each others mind.  If we were all Superman with the super human hearing powers, maybe we could just blurt out our intentions to turn, and everyone would know. But hey!, we all know we ain’t from a planet called Krypton.

The thing is, we wise humans are sometimes handicapped.  God in His most gracious manner decided that we all need to be different. We need variation in life, and I think that’s why some of us, whom have been driving for ages tend to be mentally ‘handicapped’ hence unable to flick that small stick either ‘up’ or ‘down’.  Yeah, in a more harsh manner, we do call these people ‘road morons’.

It’s either that, or some of us are simply living a lie, hence thinking that humans in this modern age can simply read minds and know where you intend to turn.  Well, if you know of someone close to you which is living this sort of life, wake him/her up and ask them to smell reality, and maybe just show them how to work this small device called ‘the signal light’. While you’re at it, why not show them how we did it in the olden days, by waving our hands out of the window to show where we intend to turn.

Seriously, how hard is it to flick that stick you find on the steering neck?  It’s my humble opinion that if you can afford to buy a car, flicking a simple stick ‘up’ and ‘down’ would be nothing but peanuts.

Of course, if you are mentally ‘handicapped’, or living a lie, ‘that’ would be just too hard for you to do.  But then again, I see those whom are physically disabled doing it with ease, which practically makes those whom don’t utilize those sticks which control the signal lights ‘idiots behind the wheels’.

And may I add, when an accident happens, it’s more amusing to see these idiots rush out of their car, and point fingers at your face while shouting that they are not wrong.  Like I said, ROAD MORONS. They just can’t think straight. LOL.


  1. Willie:
    Yea bro, I’m back… and really.. it irritating when these people suddenly turn. Makes you just furious!

    If there’s no one around, it’s okay.. but not when cars are really close, sort of like at the roundabout!!

  2. I’m actually guilty for this sometimes. But most of the time, when I don’t signal, it’s either because there are no other cars on the road or the car behind me is really far away. Other than that, I would signal…:P

  3. Hahahaha…Cyril,

    These kind of people are really brainless. They think they have to pay the bill whenever they push the signal lights.

    I have discovered many morons on the road before. I really hate the way they drive.

    So are you back in Kuching already?

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