The Six Pack and the One Pack

Photo from Robin

I was browsing through Robin’s blog.  He has the best photos when it comes to models or fashion shows.  Not really that I am into all this fashion things, but a man needs to be updated on his fashion sense you know.  Can’t be too ‘old school‘ when it comes to clothing nowadays.

I have this opinion where it’s okay to be into fashion, but not to be over-fashioned…hheehehe.. for some, sometimes, less is more.. and for the others… well, it really depends.  I’m in the latter.

You see, the men in the fashion show covered by Robin has this thing we humans call.. “The six pack”…. yup, those abs on the muscles which look like an illness which bulge out in a pair of three.

Photo from Robin

This prompted me to look down, and check out my own self… which has.. ONE PACK.  Yup.. that one huge pack which is way nicer than those six small ‘artificially looking’ packs…and for this one pack, I’d like to extend my gratitude to all education departments and government agencies which have always, without fail, prepared nice meals for courses and meetings I’ve attended, and asked me to work more hours doing paper work, than exercising…. (ya, ya. I’m pointing fingers..)…

okay.. okay.. Six pack is better than one pack… and I’m just jealous…. but getting a six pack needs a lot of dicipline and effort.. Both which I don’t have.  I guess, I need to be thankful that I at least have a one pack than a no pack (which means to skinny and experiencing malnutrition)….

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