The Spring Ambassador 2010: Morgan Then

Last weekend, on the eve of Chinese New Year, the Spring Ambassador had it’s grand finale at tHe Spring’s main atrium. Knowing all or most of the contestants, I decided to give the finale a peek, or rather actually I decided to skip it at first because tHe Sping is now well known for having the best traffic jams during weekends, and what more say the eve of the Chinese New Year.

Well, Fahriee Andre called me up to confirm that there was no jam at tHe Spring, and with a lot of doubt in my head, I finally decided to go and check the whole event out.

And yes, surprisingly, on the eve of Chinese New Year 2010, the road into tHe Spring was flowing well, and there was no traffic jam.  Alleluia!

Due to my hesitation to come, and the fact that I was actually having lunch with Matthew at a Chinese Bak Kut Teh shop before that, made me miss Fahriee’s performance, but I did catch a glimpse of Morgan’s talent on the piano, and Naomi’s singing.  Joining me down stage was Kenny Sia, Gracie Geikie, Andre, Irene, Sandra, PK and the crowd.  Fahriee later told me that he danced on stage, and said he was horrible  and that I didn’t miss anything (yeah, right bro, I’m sure you did well, or at least better than me, if I had joined).

But whatever other people say on the whole event, and probably the contestants, I’ve nothing but admiration towards them for being very courages in presenting their performance on stage, in front of total strangers, and becoming public figures.  I can’t see myself doing that, because I don’t really like being the center of attraction.  I find it annoying.  Hey, being a teacher is already problematic with students going “bla..bla..bla..” about whatever you do or don’t do and I don’t think I need the public to do something similar.  I’m not star material, and I would hugely prefer a ‘behind the scenes’ role.

Anyway, the result was sort of expected for me with upcoming talent Morgan Then sweeping RM2000 and the title of tHe Spring Ambassador.  Fahriee and Naomi both secured the consolation prizes with RM1000 cash  money each to sponsor their buddies *ehem.. ehem.. *hint *hint.. =P

The event was also co-sponsored by UCSI College, and Level-Up Fitness and I personally felt that if there was to be another “tHe  Spring 2010/11”, publicity should be something the organizers have to look into because I know a few people whom would go “tHe Spring what??” when I bring up the topic, and that includes my dear parents.

Now here’s some sort of story-line of the prize giving ceremony involving Kenny Sia whom is also owner of Level-U Fitness:

When Fahriee went on stage to receive his mock check, Kenny gave Fahriee a small sign to mark his gym’s sponsorship (notice the A4 paper fahriee is holding? – second from left). I bet Kenny was happy with the small sign and he looked pleased 😉

Then, obviously, the organizers had a huge mock-membership card of LEVEL-UP Fitness to mark its sponsorship, and so when Morgan was announced as the ambassador, Kenny did what every boss of a company would do; which is to poke Morgan and persuade him to hold his mock membership card, instead of the mock check which featured RM2,000 (photo below).

Well, Kenny’s effort failed… and the photo turned out like this instead:

I guess, Kenny gave up on persuading the winners to get rid of the mock check, and decided to embrace the slogan “if you can’t beat them, join them”, because the last photo saw nothing about Level Up Fitness as he jointly held the mock-check with Naomi in the most adorable ‘merajuk’ manner.

Don’t u just gotta love the guy called Kenny Sia?

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