The ‘Through My Windows’ Mystery


Everyone Connect

This is exciting. Some brilliant marketing officer sent an anonymous envelope, to local radio stations containing a mysterious CD with a song entitled ‘Through My Window’ in the CD. It happened last Monday.

Now, according to the report by TheStar Online, everyone is guessing who is behind the whole song, and the purpose of this song, and the website directly linked to this CD called Everyone Connects seems to be keen to keep the guessing game on for some time.

Everyone Connect 02-From TheStar Online

Alright, if the song was to suck big time, I don’t think there would be such a huge fuss. But this song is different (at least for me). It isn’t the sort of song which grows on you because you have excessively heard it, but it’s a catchy song which sound amazingly nice.

And a lot of people are wondering who is the singer/band behind the song, more importantly, whether they are a local or a foreign artist/band. To be honest, I don’t care whether the band or artist is local or foreign, but if they are ‘Made in Malaysia’, then it wouldn’t be a huge surprise considering Bunkface’s huge success with their single called ‘Prom Queen’.

Bunkface-Lesson of the season

Well, on a personal note, I think the song, or the artist behind the song isn’t as interesting as they way the song is promoted. If the traditional way would ask make a press conference to announce the release of a new album, or a new artist, this just has to top my list of the best ever marketing strategy of the year.

The way I see it, if the song sucks, the no harm will be done because the singer is unknown and shall prefer to remain unknown. But it the song scores big time, then the hype will build, and when the time is right, the introduction of the ‘unknown’ artist would be very much anticipated.

Like I said… It’s a brilliant marketing strategy… and I guess, this action justifies the word “Thinking out of the box”.


  1. Well, I think the radio station and the newspaper has a role in this marketing plot. C’mon, think about it – they are cooking up a good story. And probably the band only plays a small role of a BIGGER surprise!

    More to come people, more to come..

    Yeah.. very true =)

  2. Hi cyril, i try to send you an e-mail using the form but the code was too sensitif and i try it many time but still cannot send one of my email. Anywhere the place was @ number 6 kopitiam, Lorong Song 4, Jalan Song. Very easy too find you just go to the shop n look for THE SIDEWAYS GRILL..anywer, of coz la got discount for you..he..he ‘let the food do the talking’….come when you free k n dont forget to introduce the stall to your friends o blogger..cheers,,bye 4 now.

    Hahaha.. okay.. That’s weird coz some people managed to get through. But nevermindlah coz I got your message. If I have the time and opportunity, I’d come over =)

  3. at first, i also lost.
    just heard abt this from you and listened to it over willie’s blog.
    nice song but not really my usual kind of music genre la. 🙂

    Hahaha.. byk org lost ho.. Must be my explanation which is unclear on this thing… anyway, different people got different taste. I was once into Malay songs (in high school), but now… Its modern rock and oldies.. hahaha

  4. err…. im lost… what singer? what song? share la

    anyway, i think it’s a creative marketing approach, albeit risky. but what’s life if not a gamble, right?

    At the moment, the song’s singer remains unknown. You can click on the links I put in this post, and I thin you’d get the clearer picture.

  5. Bunkface!!!!! I love their song!!! ;P

    anyways, listened to the unknown badn song last night,,, and was kind of… wth~~~

    Not bad la their song…. Alike Bunkface… which is a little like Boys like girls… fall out boys… and who elsE?? kekekeke

    Really hope the band will show themselves soon… really want to see them… Orang macam fall out boys ma… or even boys like girls… love their songs! 🙂

    The song is nice. I don’t care who they are.. what’s important is the song they produce =)

  6. Now my friend’s shoutout make sense…He put at his FB shoutout asking who sang “through my window” song…which kinda trigger my curiosity on why he’s asking as such..

    Yeah.. it’s a huge buzz now.

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