The Top 5 & Probably The Best Malaysian Web Hosting Services

A lot of you may be looking for the best web hosting service in Malaysia, in which you could get your very own domain, and control your templates and how your blog looks physically to the max.  Honestly, after I upgraded from Blogger to my own domain, I found that I had more flexibility in maintaining my website, and the ads on my blog actually cover my yearly hosting cost.  Well, if you guys are considering a hosting service, then here is the top 5 (according to me research and knowledge)  web hosting services in Malaysia which also enables you to pay for their service in Ringgit or via credit card:

Arguably one of the best web hosting services in Malaysia, Data KL has made a name for itself in being one of the most reliable web hosting service providers, with comparable cost. Their cheapest package comes with storage space at 2GB, and a 25GB bandwidth at a minimal RM70. Standard domain name cost RM40, but the best part of their service is their reliability customer service hence my choice of hosting my blog, CYRILDASON.COM with them. They also have a good selection of scripts and support WordPress. A basic hosting+domain will cost you RM110.

Probably one of the best well known web hosting service providers in Malaysia, Exabytes stands out with its reliable service and frequent promotions. Their cheapest package (EBiz Beginner) comes at RM39 with 1GB space and 1GB bandwidth. You can add in 1 email account only, but for the price offered, you shouldn’t complaint. Domain registration comes at RM55, but do observe for their promotions. You can make payment via numerous local banks and methods. One thing’s for sure, you must regularly check their site for promotions because Exabytes loves to give promotions.  Students have a special promotion package from time to time. A basic hosting+domain will cost you RM94.

EmbunWeb is relatively an unknown web service provider but their web hosting package is worth considering. Their cheapest package comes at RM89/year with a very attractive 10GB of storage space and 50GB bandwidth. You can have a maximum of 50 email accounts with their service and they are WordPress ready with over 40 other scripts also available. Domain comes at RM45 Payment for their services can be made via numerous methods, but the only local bank they seem to accept is CIMB. A basic hosting+domain will cost you RM134.

Well known for being cheap, JomHosting is indeed the cheapest out there. Offering only RM10/year for a hosting plan which includes 100MB space and 5GB bandwidth, makes them probably the cheapest web hosting service company in the world. The number of emails you want to host under your domain is unlimited and they do have scripts including for WordPress. They accept payment from 3 major local banks namely Maybank, CIMB and Bank Islam while credit cards are also accepted. Domain names come at RM35/year only, but the cheap price comes with small hosting space, so do be wary. A basic hosting+domain will cost you RM45.

ServerFreak is considered one of the best hosting companies by many. They are offering a special student price package at RM99 per year inclusive of domain name, which makes it a good bundle for anyone who would like to start a new website. With the package, you can expect to create 10 email accounts, 1GB server space and 5GB band width. Scripts for numerous web scripts including for WordPress are also made available.  Payment can be made via 3 major local banks namely RHB, Maybank and CIMB and credit cards, as well as PayPal is accepted. Do note that the student package is for students only. A basic hosting+domain will cost you RM99 (Student Price).

Maybe you are wondering about why should you host in Malaysia? Well, I’d give you two main reasons which are both connected to money.  FIRST, It’s cheaper.  Hosting in the US or outside of Malaysia may seem better because the government (Malaysian) doesn’t restrict you or keep an eye on your hosting activities, but if you do not plan to break the law, why should you worry?  SECONDLY, Payment is easier because I do know that paying anything via credit card is a hassle for some, and that’s why local banks are most preferable.

So, if you really want to get a hosting site, do consider the links I’ve given above, but for what’s it worth, I’ve been using DATA KL for 3 years, and I am VERY satisfied with what they have to offer.

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